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Top 10 Ways To Level Up Your Love Of Video Games

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned player, gaming is an immensely enjoyable activity. As well as the pure enjoyment, it actually helps with a range of key skills ranging from problem-solving to dexterity. Nonetheless, every gamer is bound to hit a brick wall where gaming no longer seems fun. Thankfully, there is no need to think it’s game over.

Instead, you should focus on finding ways to inject a new source of enjoyment into your gaming activities. It may sound a little daunting, especially if you’ve been set in your ways. However, the following 10 tips should put you back in control of the time spent with your controller. 

Embrace Active Gaming

If you have grown a little bored of holding your PS5 controller or tapping away at your gaming keyboard, try active games. This aspect of gaming has developed at a rapid pace over the past 25 years. The dance mat games redefined what gaming could be, and the Nintendo Wii showed a glimpse into a world where gaming could be active.

Nowadays, there are plenty of VR experiences that will get you moving. Likewise, fitness games ranging from boxing titles to items like Ring Fit Adventure are great fun. Gaming no longer has to be the reason why you feel unfit. It can increase your physical attributes while also releasing endorphins to boost mental health. 

If nothing else, the break from traditional gaming can reset your mindset. So, when you do return to more traditional gaming, you’ll be left smiling.

Try New Titles

As a gamer, there’s a good chance that you have stayed loyal to a series of games for several years. Perhaps you’ve always played GTA or Call of Duty. Alternatively, purchasing the latest NBA game on release day may be a routine you follow each year. While those titles probably account for the bulk of your gaming activities, you should not limit yourself.

There are many ways to try out new tiles. You could look at competing games. So, if you’re a fan of an EA Sports title, why not try out the 2K alternative. Or you may expand your horizons to new genres. Playing a platformer after years of staying loyal to first-person shooters can add something special to your activities.

A little variety goes a long way to enhance your enjoyment of gaming. You’ll also find that skills developed in puzzle games, for example, will translate to make you a better player in your favorite RPG.


Create A Better Gaming Environment

When thinking about gaming experiences, it would be easy to assume that the choice of game is all that truly matters. However, the surroundings of the gaming room can have a telling influence on your enjoyment levels. For starters, a better TV or projector screen can make on-screen action seem bigger and better than ever.

Meanwhile, you can take tips from this guide on building a better card gaming room. Improved color schemes, comfy furniture, and access to food and drinks will work wonders. Meanwhile, the lighting and HVAC systems can alter everything from your mood to alertness. Gaming accessories and adjusted setups are also worth investigating.

The options for PC gamers are even greater still. And if you’re a gamer with additional requirements, try to check out gaming charities and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


Whoever said cheaters never prosper clearly wasn’t a gamer. Sometimes you just want to create carnage. So, when you’re playing GTA, for example, inputting some cheat codes will allow you to do that. Moreover, there are plenty of games where you may be stuck on a certain part. Watching online tutorials and walkthroughs help you overcome those problems.

You cannot ignore the fact that gaming is more fun when you’re winning. Checking out these Warzone Hacks from IWantCheats will take your K/D ratio to new heights. There are also various tips and tricks that help you never miss a shot. Joining a private chat party when online allows dead team players to give you insight. Such as where opponents are camped.

Cheating at all times will remove the fun. When used at the right times, giving yourself an edge in this way should serve you well.

Attend A Gaming Convention


The gaming industry has a vastly different landscape than it did in previous generations. It is no longer associated with being geeky and is very much a part of our everyday culture. Unsurprisingly, then, there are plenty of events to celebrate the culture of gaming. And it can be one of the best ways to rejuvenate your love of gaming.

While events like E3 take the big headlines, they aren’t the only options. Big gaming conventions take place in multiple cities around the world. Whether you want to learn about upcoming releases or meet the people behind your favorite franchise doesn’t matter. There will be opportunities to do this in style.

Many groups make this an annual day out. It is a great excuse to catch up with old friends or acquaintances you’ve met on the PlayStation Network.

Play Competitively

Once upon a time, gaming was you versus the computer. Then local multiplayer games entered the arena, followed by online gaming. While competing against other players, locally or online, is nothing new. The growth of eSports has taken competitive gaming to a whole new level. In fact, the best players can turn it into a career.

The biggest eSports tournaments have huge prize funds. Top players can also gain sponsorships and make money through tutoring and other ideas. Even if you’re not at the elite level, you can look to join tournaments and paid matches against other players around the world. Alternatively, free to enter contests with special prizes are available.

Once again, winning can take your gaming experiences to new heights. You don’t have to compete at all times. Still, adding this option to your gaming experiences can have a positive impact on your recreational activities.

Dip Into Indie Games


When thinking about gaming, most people naturally consider the big games released by giant companies. However, it’s not only the likes of Activision who create stunning games. Sometimes, it’s the simple yet addictive creations of independent developers that win over the gaming universe.

This is particularly true for online games and mobile games. Flappy Bird was perhaps one of the greatest examples of the 2010s, and the 20s have already produced more. From strategy games to puzzles like Wordle, the games that capture your imagination provide lots of fun. It can help you grow a greater appreciation of the big money titles too.

Indie games are also entered into the PlayStation and Xbox communities via their respective dev suites. You can find unique titles on virtually any topic.

Create Content

Gaming is primarily about playing. However, as highlighted by the idea of conventions, it’s not the only option. In today’s climate, the online arena is blessed with thousands of guides, videos, and podcasts dedicated to gaming. You can join the community of creators to bring a whole new source of gaming enjoyment to your life.

The possibilities are endless, allowing you to focus on a style of content you love. Likewise, it is a great way to meet other gaming fans and creators for collaborations. HeilSound podcasting mics, for example, make the process very accessible. Better still, hosting content on YouTube, Spotify, and other channels allows you to broadcast for free.

Content creation can potentially earn you a lot of money too. This could be through ads, sponsored content, or working for companies.

Go Retro

As a gamer, there’s nothing more exciting than playing the latest title. Nonetheless, certain games probably stick in your mind. They remind you of happy times in your life while the ‘wow’ factor they provided at the time still beats strong. The opportunities to revisit those games of yesteryear are undoubtedly greater than ever.

One option is to purchase the original game and console on eBay. However, a growing number of games have been remastered and released for new generation consoles. This combines the gameplay that you know and love with modern-day graphics. From Tony Hawk’s to Crash Bandicoot, reliving past favorites has never been more fun.


Or you can look to go even further back in time with classics like Tetris, Sonic, Mario, and more. When looking at the 2D titles of the 80s and early 90s, the graphics won’t ever look outdated. And you will fall back in love with them all over again.

Make It Social 

Finally, you should never forget that gaming is at its best when you enjoy it with friends. Online gaming opportunities have certainly opened the door to virtual friendships. However, there’s something extra special about being in the same room as your friends. Invite them over to play sports games or titles like Mario Kart or party games will be sure to provide magical memories.

And when combined with some of the other options mentioned above, your love of gaming will be greater than ever.

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