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Top 3 Ideas For Temporary Office Spaces

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small enterprises, and other kinds of businesses are increasingly discovering the benefits that temporary office spaces offer. In very basic terms, temporary offices are rental spaces that people take for a period shorter than a standard office. Some temporary offices allow users to rent rooms or desks per hour or per day.  


New enterprises and established companies that want to expand their operations find setting up office spaces for their teams difficult. Temporary offices provide ready areas complete with the requisite infrastructure, making it easy to focus on growing their businesses.    

Unlike corner offices that have hefty rent and utilities, temporary workspaces provide quick office solutions at highly affordable rates. The creative solution that these spaces offer has made them popular in cities in recent years.

Beyond Traditional Office Blocks 

Temporary office spaces aren’t only set up in the traditional office blocks as we know them. If you have space, you can use containers to create office space. There are a lot of shipping container office ideas to explore, you just need to know where to look to find something you’re comfortable with.  

Additionally, people who work from home can set up temporary working spaces in their houses. The key to creating a temporary office is to have a space that can be transformed from one look to another.

If you need to create a working space in your home, here are three temporary office spaces ideas that will come in handy: 

1. Set Up A Working Desk In The Hallway 

This unconventional temporary office space idea works well when you’re squeezed for space. However, it takes creativity and good organization to pull off. To set up a working desk in the hallway, you’ll need to get a floating desk that’s easy to move.  

Such a desk works best because it’s easy to access when the need arises and put away when not in use. Better still, assembling a floating desk is pretty easy and fast, too. Besides serving as workstations, floating desks work as storage units or decorative shelves for people who prefer not to drill holes on their walls. The trick to successfully setting up a temporary hallway office space is to keep everything small, organized, and neat.  

2. Convert An Empty Room Into A Temporary Office 

Turning a room you’re not using into an office is the most convenient and easiest way to create a temporary office. If you have space that’s not in use in your home, you’re likely to use it for multiple purposes. To get your working space working, start by setting up a desk in one of the corners of the room.

Once you have a desk in place, find an armoire or bookcase and place it next to the desk. With such a piece of furniture, you’ll have space to place a printer, office supplies, and keep other items neatly arranged and away from the public eye. Your desk and bookcase or cabinet won’t take up too much space in the room.

This will leave the rest of the space open, allowing you to use it either as a playroom or spare bedroom. You can apply this idea to any other room in your home. If you’re comfortable working in pajamas, go ahead and set up a temporary working space in your bedroom.  


3. Turn A Closet Into An Office Space  

Another creative idea for temporary office space is to convert a closet into a working desk. To do this, you need to buy a desk that fits nicely inside the closet. If such a desk isn’t available in the market, you can have a customized one made.  

In addition to the desk, buy a flat desktop surface and two moveable filing cabinets. Make them look attractive by using the patterns and color scheme that fits the room. Since your working space will be located inside the closet, you’ll need to consider lighting arrangements. You may opt to place a lamp on your working desk or have an electrician run an extension from the nearest power outlet.

If the closet already had lights installed, turn it on to see whether it appeals to you visually. Once the lights are set, consider adding a few floating shelves in the cabinet. Some closets come with such frames. If there are some already, use those. Customize your working space to add a personal touch, then grab a kitchen chair to complete the setup.  

Final Thoughts 

Temporary office spaces come in handy for people who are just either starting a new or expanding an existing business. Unlike conventional leases where you have to pay for the space throughout, temporary offices offer users the flexibility of paying for office space and utilities only when they use them. If you’re looking to set up a temporary home office, apply the three ideas discussed above for a distinct look.

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