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Top 4 Delicious Mushroom Dishes Worth Trying

Mushrooms are delicious and packed with a whole lot of nutrients including protein, fiber, as well as antioxidants. Just like other incredible foods, they are relatively versatile and cookable in a variety of ways to create fantastic delicacies. Below are the top 4 awesome mushroom delicacies you really should try if you’ve never done so before:

1. Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic

Sauteed mushrooms with garlic offer a deep rich flavor perfect for that special lunch or dinner. 

This sumptuous mushroom delicacy can be paired with a variety of foods such as rice, pasta, roast chicken, steak, not to mention, stews, and soups. Plus, it’s relatively easy to prepare in just under 15 minutes or so. 

To make some sauteed mushrooms with garlic, you’ll need the following ingredients; brown mushrooms, white mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, or cremini mushrooms. You’ll also require soy sauce, butter, fresh thyme or a pinch of dried thyme, olive oil, chives(for garnish), minced clove garlic, and white wine(optional). 

Once you gather the ingredients, start by cooking the mushrooms in butter and oil until browned. Then add soy sauce and wine at different points in time, starting with the former followed by the latter. Then cook while stirring occasionally until the wine evaporates. The next step is to add garlic and thyme and let the mixture cook while stirring it frequently until it’s cooked through. After that, season the mushrooms with salt and pepper(if desired), allowing them to cool down a little bit before serving. You can then have this as a main course or a combination with a suitable dish like rice, pasta, etc. 



2. Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto offers just the perfect mix of creaminess and zestiness. This comfort mushroom delicacy can be a fantastic option if you are either on a vegan or vegetarian diet. This quick recipe can serve as an incredible dinner option for your family or unexpected visitors. 

Mushroom risotto consists of many other things besides mushrooms. These include mushroom broth/stock, vegetable stock cube, shallots, arborio rice, and pecorino (or veggie alternative). Clove, spinach, white wine, garlic, olive oil, butter, and zested lemon are also part of the recipe. 

The first step is to cook garlic and shallots in oil and butter until softened. Then add porcini and risotto rice, stirring until well coated. Next, add wine and allow the mixture to simmer on low heat until all of the wine is absorbed. The next step is to add a couple of ingredients and let the pot simmer for a few minutes until all of the liquid is absorbed. The ingredients are as follows respectively; mushroom broth, mushrooms, pecorino, spinach, and lemon zest. You may let the delicacy cool down a little bit before serving it.

3. Chicken & Mushroom Marsala with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower & Haricot Verts

Chicken and mushroom marsala is fantastic and well balanced with nutrients. This delectable mushroom delicacy has just the right amounts of calories per serving(510kcal), which is considered neither too much nor too little. What’s more, it’s a great source of sodium, a mineral that plays critical roles in the body, hence required in relatively large amounts. 

You can easily prepare some delicious chicken and mushroom marsala at home when you have the right ingredients and recipe.  

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4. Mushroom and Chickpeas with Coconut Green Curry

Mushroom and chickpeas with coconut green curry is a meal your loved ones or guests will love. This fantastic mushroom delicacy is just the perfect option when you desire an epic dinner, once in a while. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make, coming together in just under 30 minutes. 

You’ll require a sheer number of ingredients though. I’m talking about stuff like;

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Unsweetened coconut milk

iii. Napa cabbage(the head part of it)

  1. Baby bok choy
  2. Garlic cloves
  3. Green chiles (e.g jalapeño or serrano)

vii. Ground coriander

viii. Unsalted dry-roasted peanuts

  1. Dried rice noodles
  2. Shallots
  3. Cilantro

xii. Ginger

xiii. Chickpeas

xiv. Limes

  1. Vegetable oil

xvi. Light brown sugar

xvii. Salt

A good number of the ingredients will go either fully or partly into making the curry paste, which you can prepare first. These include cilantro, ginger, garlic cloves, shallots, green chiles, coriander, brown sugar, and salt. 

To make the paste, just put all the curry paste ingredients except brown sugar, ground coriander, and salt inside your blender or processor, blitzing them until a thick paste is formed. N/B: Be sure to set some cilantro leaves aside for serving). After that, add the remaining ingredients to the paste accordingly. N/B: feel free to add water to loosen up the paste a little bit, if it’s too thick. 

After making the curry paste, the next step is to make the lime zest, which you will later use as a seasoning. Finely grate the zest from a lime, setting the lime aside for serving. Here you can use a microplane.

Next, cook noodles. I often just boil them in salty water. 

While the noodles cook, prepare cabbage or baby bok choy(whichever is applicable) and set that aside.

Next, cook the mushrooms together with chickpeas with vegetable oil, unsweetened coconut milk, water, and salt. N/B: Be sure to stir the pot frequently as the food cooks until flavors come together. 

Once the mushrooms are halfway cooked, stir in the cabbage or bok choy you prepared a short while ago and cook the mushrooms for further 4 minutes. 

Serving noodles on individual platters, topping them with the mushroom mixture followed by the curry paste. Enjoy the dish while it’s still warm. 

Final Thoughts

Mushrooms are quality food readily available for us. These fungi delicacies not only are yummy but also packed with lots of significant health benefits, including cancer protection. Something else that sets them apart from other foods is versatility, which allows them to be prepared in many different ways. Try the above mushroom delicacies and you’ll love each of them. 

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