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Top 4 Important Qualities To Look For When Buying New Bed

Given the fact that you spend almost a third of your life sleeping, it’s essential to understand the important qualities to look for when buying a new bed. Choosing the wrong one can lead to muscle aches, back pain, and lack of sleep. Getting a better night’s sleep in a sturdy, durable, and comfy bed can lead to a better life. Choosing a good bed isn’t just about its looks. From hidden storage spaces to different designs and shapes, there are many things to consider. So, take a look at our four top tips that will help you find the most suitable bed for your home.


1.  Visit Plenty of Stores

To ensure that you’re selecting the best type of bed, you have to check it in real life instead of doing it online. When you visit retail stores, you get to have a closer look at different shapes, styles, and designs to ensure finding a good bed. Moreover, online bed shops tend to put flawless pictures of their products on their websites, making it hard to say no to them. In real life, things can be a bit different and not up to your expectations. Furthermore, when it comes to visiting bed stores, it is best to try plenty instead of settling for the first one you see. As mentioned earlier, there are tonnes of different styles and models, so try to check as many beds as you can to have a higher chance of finding yours.

2. Find the Right Mattress

While looking for a sturdy and durable bed is essential, finding the right mattress is a huge deal. When shopping for a bed, you have to think of the mattress as well. Every bed requires a specific type of mattress. For example, spring mattresses are great for spring beds, while slat beds with foam mattresses go perfectly together. 

Moreover, new mattresses on old beds don’t last as long as new ones, so try to buy a new bed and new mattress to guarantee the highest level of comfort possible. While you’re at it, look for a memory foam mattress or try the Purple mattress, which is designed to eliminate any disturbances caused by your partner’s movements at night. Additionally, when you’re purchasing a bed, you don’t have to buy the same size as your old one. Buy a bed that suits your current needs. Ideally, your new mattress should be the same size as your new bed.

3. Consider the Size of Your Room

The overall size of your bedroom should always be considered when purchasing a new bed. If your bedroom is too narrow, you don’t want to buy a massive or four-pillared bed. To find the proper comfort and relaxation, you need enough space around the bed. If you’re upgrading your multifunctional space, consider a sofa bed that provides more living space, especially when you’re not asleep. However, if your bedroom is large, you need a bed that fills the space. You’re free to choose a king-size bed or two beds as long as your bedroom doesn’t get too cramped. It is important to consider the layout of the room as well and put it into consideration when purchasing your new bed.

4. Don’t Go for the Cheapest

As a general rule of thumb, when purchasing anything, you will get what you pay for. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the most suitable bed for you is the most expensive. Also, a cheap bed may look okay, but it will not give you the support your body needs to get a good night’s sleep. You should keep in mind that cheap beds can really affect your comfort. Before purchasing, it’s recommended to thoroughly check the bed and to read the product reviews online to see what others think of it.

It is important to always try the bed before purchasing it. Since you won’t find a one-size-fits-all bed, you will have to try the bed by lying down on it rather than just inspecting it. Your support requirements should depend on your weight and physique, so you have to ensure that you’re comfortable and relaxed. If you can’t find a mattress store or don’t want to go outside it’s always safe to check online resources like Sleepify that provide mattress comparisons like Sleeping Duck vs Koala guide. Guides like this are informative and will help you understand what type of mattress you’re looking for.


If your New Year’s resolution is to get better sleep, you may want to buy a new bed. Ideally, the bed frame should be replaced at least every 10 years, yet most people still prefer to buy one every 15 to 20 years. Some don’t even change their beds at all. Whether you’re renewing your bed or purchasing your first one, you need to check the listed tips to help you make a wise decision.

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