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Top 8 Ideas To Transform Your Garden Into A Lively And Cozy Space

Many of us spend years working in offices with little to no access to the outdoors. It’s not easy, but it’s something that most people have to deal with. The thing is, there are still some very simple ways for you to get back in touch with nature even if your office doesn’t provide any outdoor space. A garden can help you start a great hobby and destress from all the toxicity of day-to-day life. Even in urban surroundings, some spaces are turned into small pieces of greenery because of the effect it has on our stress and how it can improve the mood just by spending time near or in it. Having a small green nook in an apartment, or an entire garden to decorate, we will discuss 8 great ideas that will help you transform your dull greenish garden into a lively oasis you deserve.


Organize the layout

Green space can maybe become a start for a garden, and you shouldn’t refer to it as a garden before it becomes one. Using that space for storage is not a good idea, so you should start by simply decluttering. Get rid of any unnecessary items that you can, and get together with your family to find a design idea for the layout of the garden. Consider using some easy to install composite decking to define different areas. This can also be a way to add more seating and make the garden feel cozier.

Options for garden decking

Using decking can add a beautiful design aspect to your garden, but the basics of functional decking still apply. Composite decking is a great way to make simpler and cheaper changes that will transform your space into something stunning. Decks have a wide application in the outdoors so be sure to do some research or even contract a professional before finally deciding on the design.

Once the decking is in place, think about what kind of plants and flowers will grow well in your climate and soil. If you’re not sure, ask at your local garden center or search online for ideas. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your garden, and don’t be discouraged if some plants don’t do well. You can always replant or redesign at a later time.

Time to plant

When considering what plants to add, we highly recommend choosing ones that are known for their stress-relieving properties. Lavender, chamomile, and rosemary are all great options that can easily be grown in a garden or container. For a pop of color and some height in your garden, consider adding brightly-colored flowers like sunflowers, daisies, or even petunias.

If you’re looking for a more natural and rustic look, try adding some shrubs or trees to the mix. Be sure to research the size of the plants when they reach maturity so that you don’t choose something too large or small for your garden.

Paths and seating

One of the best ways to make a garden feel cozy and inviting is to add some paths and seating. A well-placed bench can be the perfect spot to relax with a good book on a sunny day or to have a cup of tea while watching the birds. gravel or stepping stones can be used to create pathways that will lead from one part of the garden to another. This is also a great way to add some design and color to your garden.

As for seating, there are lots of great options out there that don’t require much effort when it comes to maintenance. Placing a hammock in the garden can be a wonderful idea (especially if you live in an apartment and don’t own one), and adding a small piece of furniture can be just as welcoming. You can even add some large, leafy plants near the seating for extra privacy and to create a small nook in your garden.

Add lighting

Something else that will make any garden space inviting is the addition of lights. Lights are great for evening relaxation or giving off a bit more light during darker seasons. There are lots of easy-to-install solar lights that can add a nice touch without adding too much extra work.

Sometimes you might want the atmosphere of your garden to change with the seasons, and using string lighting can be a great way to do this. There are plenty of options for seasonal lighting, so take some time to research and find something perfect for your garden.

Create a focal point

A great way to make your garden feel more special is to create a focal point. This could be something as simple as a beautiful tree or a pond, or something more complex like an arbor or gazebo. When choosing a focal point, be sure that it is something that will draw the eye and make people want to spend time in your garden.

A water feature is a great option, be it a pond or fountain. Not only do they add beauty to the garden, but they can also be soothing and provide a great place to relax. A fire pit can be a great contrast to the natural elements, and ensure you can stay warm and still unwind outside even during the colder season.

Create a garden kitchen

Outdoor cooking is the epitome of rest. And if you can’t afford a kitchen outside, or perhaps just don’t have the space, why not build a garden kitchen instead?

This could be as simple as an outdoor oven and grill to something more complex like a pizza oven. The important part is to consider what appliances will work best for your lifestyle and to plan it all out before you start building.

Culinary delights aside, a great benefit of having a garden kitchen is the storage. This means you’ll have plenty of room for herbs and spices, grilling tools, wine glasses, cutting boards, etc. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time outside cooking a delicious meal with friends and family.

Lose the lawn

One of the best ways to make a garden feel more inviting is to get rid of the lawn. Not only does it require a lot of maintenance, but a large chunk of the space can often be unused.

There are plenty of alternatives to a traditional lawn, so take some time to research and find something that will work for your space. You can plant trees or shrubs instead, or even something like an herb garden. Another great option is to create a path that will divide different areas of your garden without the need for grass (and less mowing).


Remember that your garden doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, sometimes it’s the little imperfections that make it feel more like home. No matter what your backyard looks like now, with a little effort you can easily turn it into a cozy and inviting space for relaxation and enjoyment. So get outside and start transforming your garden today!

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