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Top 4 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Moldavite Stones

Moldavite stones are considered to be the most powerful stones next to diamonds. They’re intrinsically valuable, and can’t be replaced. Moldavite is a green stone that’s only found in Czechoslovakia and it’s made up of two different pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces. This gives it its unique shape and makes it even more important than other gems. If you’re considering buying this stone, here are 4 things you need to consider before making your purchase!


1. Understand The Value

Moldavite stones are very valuable and it’s important to understand what you’re getting into before purchasing one. Make sure you know how much the stone is worth and what you could potentially sell it for. Some stones can be quite expensive, so be prepared to spend a good amount of money if you’re looking to buy a genuine large Moldavite from a reputable buyer. Consider the following: Is the stone large and how much does it weigh? Are there any inclusions? Chips or cracks? Are they distracting from the beauty of the stone itself? Are there any markings on the stone such as a signature or serial number, etc.?

2. Size & Quality

When you buy Moldavite stones it’s important to consider the measurements of each stone. The length, width, and depth should all be considered before making a purchase. Measurements are usually written somewhere on the stone, so take this into account when you’re shopping around for stones. Take the time to look at and appreciate the stone itself before making a purchase. If you’re considering buying it online, then only view the photos of the stone before making your final decision. Once you’ve made your final decision and purchased it, then that’s when you get to hold it in your hands and admire its beauty! If you’re considering buying this stone, there are many factors to consider when looking at the size or quality of the moldavite. 

Moldavites come in all shapes and sizes, with some being rarer than others. The most common colors for Moldavite are green but they can also be brown, yellow-green, pinkish-red, blue-green, or orangey-red depending on what minerals were present during formation. Some stones have fewer impurities which means they are considered higher quality and thus more valuable. The size of the stone also affects its value, with smaller stones being less expensive than larger ones.

3. Buying From A Reputable Seller

When you buy Moldavite stones it’s important to ensure that you’re buying them from a reputable seller who has many positive reviews online. If there are no past customers offering testimonials about their experience, then consider looking elsewhere for your new gems! 5-star ratings are only earned through superior customer service which you greatly benefit from in the long run! Look for companies that offer fair prices and discounts where applicable! 

Online reviews are a great way to determine if you’re buying from a reputable seller or not. If there are no reviews, then it’s best to move on and find another seller. However, if the reviews are good, then it’s likely that you’ll be in good hands! Be sure to research different sellers before making your purchase – this will help you get the best bang for your buck! A great way to see if a seller is reputable is to also consult with other buyers online and to see where the moldavite came from. For example, if it came from a ranch in Texas, it sure isn’t real moldavite.

4. Warranty

When you buy Moldavite stones it’s important to consider the warranty that’s available to you. This consideration will help you in the long run, after all! The warranty should be offered by the seller and not automatically included with your purchase – this is something that can’t always be guaranteed. Make sure that it covers what you need to be covered, which includes cracks, chips, etc. Some warranties might not even cover these specifics so make sure you’re familiar with what they offer before purchasing! If there are no warranties included or offered when making your purchase, then move on to another seller who offers one for your peace of mind! A warranty is also necessary because it can help you get a refund or a replacement if something goes wrong with your purchase.


When considering buying Moldavite stones, it’s important to be aware of all the factors that go into the decision. With so many sellers out there, it can be difficult to determine who to buy from. By considering the four points mentioned in this article, you’ll be sure to make a wise purchase! Thanks for reading!

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