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Top 5 Ways to Style Your Vintage T-Shirts

One of the most flexible items in anyone’s wardrobe is the modest vintage T-shirt. 

As a matter of fact, it’s not only the hip kids who can pull it off. This universal piece will never go out of fashion because of the various ways you can combine it. 

One can piece together a vintage T-shirt with practically anything in your wardrobe. Vintage shirts are especially great because they are comfy and give any outfit a cool model-off-duty feel. As for whether the T-shirt is vintage or brand new with a worn-in look, it doesn’t matter – it will deliver the desired visual. 

These are some of our current favorites if you are a devotee who loves to shop vintage clothing & retro style pieces. 

Crop Top and Straight-Leg Jeans

For those who don’t want to go to the trouble of using shears and risking an unflattering crooked hem or a permanent alteration, the easiest option to make a crop top is to either knot the hem up or tuck it into your bra. 

Just combine your new cropped shirt with a pair of high-waisted straight-leg jeans and layering necklaces – and you’ve got a new favorite spring-summer outfit! If you have a long list of errands to do, don’t forget your sneakers; otherwise, stilettos will do the trick just fine.

Choose possible items to combine in various ways and pair them up with accessories that give you that retro oomph for the biggest effect. 

A go-to coat is also a great idea to combine with a vintage T-shirt, especially if you are after that cool business-casual look.

The Vintage T-Shirt Power Suit

Boss ladies – assemble! There are so many different ways to wear your vintage T-shirt that you might even find yourself in a pickle of choosing the right. 

But a good ole’ classing is to pair up your T-shirt with a brightly colored – ideally oversized – suit, a graphic vintage tee is a terrific way to accessorize. 

Adding a vintage shirt to a tailored power suit is an excellent way to make a statement and add levity to an otherwise serious ensemble. 

Switching out a button-down or shell shirt for a graphic tee can completely change your style and inject some excitement and youth into any suit.

Matching Colors

Feminine pedestrians are often seen walking down the street with apparel and hair adorned with flowery, abstract, or just basic and simple themes. Dressing in garments that are entirely matched from head to toe has long been considered pretty fashionable and vintage at that. Lace and sheers are other popular alternatives for dressing if a mono-color is not your thing.

But, to get a more contemporary look, mix your vintage T-shirt with a pair of gorgeous strappy heels and a jacket that is well-fitting in the shoulders. You may also combine various textures that are all the same hue. And don’t be shy to go bold with the colors, too.

Oversized Leather or Denim Jacket

On your Old-Hollywood or LA-inspired vintage journey, you can never go wrong with an oversized denim jacket and a vintage T-shirt underneath it! Slouchy denim with a vivid vintage top under it and wide-leg jeans screams vintage – it just sounds right.  

Because denim is a casual fabric, it may be difficult to find ways to wear it in more polished combos, but you can always shift your comfy shoes for heels and be ready!

Or, you can shift to a leather jacket and have fun with some edginess!

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!

B&W T-shirts are easy to mix and match with slinky black skirts to create a truly sophisticated yet casual dinner date outfit. You can even model a shirt with a picture or a stamp on it! Throw on a pair of high heels and a bold necklace to balance out the more casual top and add a little bit of flair to the rest of the outfit.

The finest thing about this combo is that it can go from night to day very quickly. Simply remove the jewelry and trade the heels for some comfortable flats.

Flowy long skirts also come into play with vintage T-shirts. A floor-length beachy ball skirt and a simple top can do wonders for your visual appeal. Wear it tucked in, and be sure the T-shirt you buy is neutral. Don’t go for too light or too dark choice either. 

Vintage Meets T-Shirt: A Final Word

Whenever you buy a vintage garment, you’re almost certain to have a more interesting wardrobe than other people.

Incorporating second-hand fashion into your wardrobe in a world where fast fashion has taken over the vintage clothes sector can be a nifty way to bring quality trends back into the game. And all it takes to start is a vintage T-shirt of your choice. 

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