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Top 6 Gift Ideas That’ll Make You the Best Bride

Every bridesmaid deserves a good gesture for juggling with you through every step of your wedding soiree. From endless shopping sprees, invites, rehearsals, rounds to different bakers, designers, everything requires a ton of hard work and planning. It’s a bride’s job to pay her bridesmaid well for all her duties by giving her the perfect gift. Getting more gifts can be a demanding job, not that brides don’t have enough on your plate. Although, they should take this opportunity to show their bridesmaids just how much they appreciate them being through the thick and thin of their beautiful friendship. 



There’s a lot of difference between buying plain presents and getting a unique gift for someone special. Since bridesmaids are always looking out for their brides, it’s essential to give back to them with some amazing presents. Why always bother with the same engraved tumblers and pajama sets when there’s so much to explore? There are tons of hidden gems like personalized rings, pashmina scarves, exotic tea packs, air-purifying plants, candles, handbags, and personalized bracelets. These presents aren’t just useful but also a way for your bridesmaids to remember you with a happy memory. Here is our list of some of the best gift ideas that’ll not only wow your bridesmaid but also earn every bride some major brownie points:

  1. Shungite Pendant Necklaces 

If you can give your bridesmaid just one present, then make it a beautiful Shungite pendant necklace. Not only is it a gorgeous statement piece that they can club with one of their dresses, but it has remarkable health properties to look after your bridesmaids. The carbon-rich gemstone helps to purify the wearer’s aura and protect them from harmful electromagnetic radiation. This gift will be perfect for the bridesmaid since we’re all heavily surrounded by multiple gadgets in our day-to-day lives. She can wear it every day, and it’ll give her maximum protection by being close to her heart. 

  1. A Bottle of Wine

Who needs a bigger reason to celebrate when it’s your wedding day? And what better way to celebrate than every woman’s favorite drink – a beautiful bottle of wine. You can add small hints of flavors and aroma notes like lavender, citrus, cinnamon or olive, to remind her of the beautiful memories, endless vacations, and laughter that you both have carried with you till the present day. You may choose some accompaniments with your bottle of wine, like your bridesmaid’s favorite chocolate, cheese, or even a selection of juicy red grapes and strawberries. This gift will be the perfect way for you to pamper your bridesmaid after all the reminders and running she did to those never-ending appointments.

  1. Gold-Plated Initials Necklaces

A woman can never have too many necklaces – but when it comes to finding a unique piece for your bridesmaid, you can take a step further and get personalized necklaces. The gold-plated initials necklace will be a beautiful addition to her jewelry collection, and she can pair it with any look. Be it elegant dresses, formal wear, or casual outings, the necklace with her name’s initials will be a favored piece that she’ll use over and over for all occasions, and thank you later for the perfect accessory. 

  1. Birthstone Rings

If you’re proud of every single bridesmaid’s unique characteristics, then celebrate their individuality by gifting them a birthstone ring. Every birthstone has incredible properties that can benefit that person’s health, and look out for them like the bridesmaids look out for you at your wedding. You can choose from various gemstones – amethyst rings or pink sapphire rings, depending on their zodiac signs and compatibility. The colorful and intricate beauty of the rings will remind your bridesmaids of the bond that was meant to be and show how much you appreciate their friendship.

  1. Minimalist Handwritten Bracelets

The beauty about this stunning piece of accessories is that not only is it great to style with outfits, but your personal handwriting will make it her most favorite jewelry item. You may choose to write her name or an adjective that you think completed her unique characters. For the metal shade, it’s better to go with a cool-shade gold since it looks incredibly luxurious and can be paired easily with most of her outfits. 


  1. Scented Candles

Jewelry and wine are fabulous, but if you want the bridesmaid to be treated no less than a queen, you can gift her a 4-wick scented candle that can help her relax and enjoy a great bubble bath. Throw in some bath salts and a soft robe to complete her spa-time set! She’ll surely remember you for giving her a great, premium-level experience and make good use of it. Women taking care of other women? Yes, please!


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