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Top 9 Outfits To Wear On Your Daughter’s Wedding

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or the father of the bride, it’s likely you’ll want to look your best on your daughter’s wedding day. Keep in mind that your outfit choice will depend on things like the location of the wedding, the time of day it’s held, and what other people are wearing. This guide will give you all the details that you’ll need when choosing an outfit for yourself as either the mother of the bride or the father of the bride.


Long Satin Gown for Mothers of the Bride

If you’re looking for something to wear that’s formal and looks pretty, a long satin dress is a great option. As far as the mother of the bride dresses goes, this is one of the best choices. Since these dresses are usually one-shoulder or strapless they’ll highlight your arms and decolletage region to give them an elegant look. The only disadvantage about choosing this outfit would be if you tend to get cold easily. Add a chunky scarf to your outfit for extra warmth. Any other type of shawl or bolero can work too. 

For your feet, wear a pair of silver pumps with your long satin gown. Silver goes well with almost any wedding theme and will also match the color and feel of the rest of your outfit.

For a purse or bag, go with silver as well. If you want to wear earrings, keep them simple so that they don’t compete with your dress. 

Pleated Chiffon Dress for Mothers of the Bride

If you’re looking to wear something light, airy, and feminine without sacrificing style, a pleated chiffon dress is an awesome option. This type of dress will make you look comfortable while still maintaining a polished appearance. 

Make sure to choose a vibrant shade for this garment because it’ll make you look alive and prevent you from looking too washed out. You can even make it more glamorous by adding sequins onto the bodice portion of your dress too. If your dress is sleeveless, accessorize it with a long string of pearls or a delicate silver necklace. The shoe choice for this outfit should be simple to complement the simplicity of the dress itself.

Grey Suit for Fathers of the Bride

An outfit choice for the father of the bride is a simple grey suit with a white shirt underneath. You can also choose to wear this outfit along with a top hat if you so desire. This outfit works for both casual and formal wedding ceremonies so it’s versatile too. Make sure you pick up a tie that matches the color of your daughter’s bridesmaid dresses to create coordination between everyone involved in the ceremony. Just keep in mind that because these are men’s outfits they might not be as form-fitting as you’d like them to be so consider picking an outfit one size smaller than what you usually wear so that it fits better and appears more flattering on your body type.

A Classic Black Dress for Mothers of the Bride

These types of dresses are timeless, versatile, and work for just about any wedding ceremony. This type of dress is an excellent choice because it’s stylish but also natural-looking. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to wear dangly earrings with this outfit because they’d clash with your simple neckline. If you want to accessorize your outfit then wear a pair of silver or gold studs instead. 

For heels, choose black ones that are moderately high-heeled. If you’re worried about slippery floors at the wedding venue, go with fabric flats instead since they’re more sturdy compared to regular leather shoes or platforms.

A Double Breasted Suit for Father of the Bride

A double-breasted suit is an awesome choice for the father of the bride. Pick up a light grey one in satin and pair it with a white shirt and red tie underneath. If you want to wear this outfit at a formal wedding, consider adding on a top hat or cap to give yourself some extra flair. Strategically button up your jacket so that you don’t look too casual even if you’re wearing something as simple as a t-shirt underneath your suit jacket.

For shoes, go with black velvet loafers or any type of shoe that has a fabric or soft leather uppers on them. 

A Grecian-Style Dress for Mothers of the Bride

A Grecian-style dress is a simple and elegant option for mothers of the bride. This type of garment works best if you’re attending a semi-formal wedding because it will look too dressy for casual ceremonies. Just make sure you pick a style that won’t look bulky on your body type or make you appear larger than you really are.

Wear silver accessories with this outfit and try not to go overboard on the amount of jewelry you wear. You want this outfit to look elegant so keep it simple and streamlined, especially if you’re planning on wearing a necklace or bracelet with your dress. For shoes, pick up some black or white ballet flats or heels that are moderately high.

A Vintage Dress for Mothers of the Bride

Vintage dresses are always in fashion so they’ll definitely come in handy when it comes time to choose an outfit for your daughter’s wedding. A classic A-line style vintage dress is especially flattering because it’ll show off all of your best features while making you look young and sophisticated at the same time.

The shoes, accessories, and hairstyle you choose for this outfit should be in line with the type of vintage dress that you pick up. For example, if you go with a light blue dress then make sure to add on silver jewelry and white shoes or pumps. If your dress features a high-neckline or puff sleeves, throw on a pair of pearl earrings to tone down the details without removing them entirely from your ensemble.

A Tuxedo for Fathers of the Bride

Tuxedos are great choices for fathers of the bride because they’re stylish and easy to wear. Make sure you have your tuxedo tailored to fit your exact measurements so that it shows off your figure without being too tight or constricting. Feel free to add on accessories like belts and cufflinks according to your taste. You can even get away with wearing colorful or patterned ties if they go well with the rest of your outfit! 

For shoes, go with patent leather oxfords or loafers that are similar in color to your suit jacket. Alternatively, you can always match the color of your shoes to the bride’s dress if she has chosen white as her wedding gown color.

A Sundress for Mothers of the Bride

Sundresses are great for any type of summer wedding. Opt for a sleeveless one with a v-neckline and delicate details like embroidery if you want to add on some jewelry while staying in line with the traditional style of a mother of the bride outfit.

If it’s a casual wedding don’t wear high heels because they’ll make your outfit look too dressy. Instead, go with flat sandals or wedges. 


No matter what type of wedding you go to, there’s always an option for a mother and/or father of the bride outfit. If it’s a casual ceremony, consider going with something in line with the relaxed nature of the event. On the other hand, if it’s a formal event then opt for something that fits within its specific dress code instead.

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