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Top 10 Manly Homemade Facial Products For The Guys

When it comes to men’s skincare the general view is that the only problem men have to face is choosing whether to leave the facial hair or shave it off. That is definitely not true. It is well known that men have many more skin problems than women.

Their skin is oilier, thicker, more delicate, with bigger pores and smaller oil glands. In fact, men can be far more vain and self-conscious about their appearance than women, they just don’t share beauty tips with their friends as women do. If given the chance or the knowledge for getting that clear and smooth skin, they will accept it.

So, for the fellas here are the Top 10 homemade skincare facial products and a few tips to help you make a beauty routine that will get you the smooth skin that every woman would love to caress.

Three-Step Face-Wash



Before starting any beauty treatment you need a clean foundation. Using commercially available face washes may not do the trick, for they are mainly intended for women’s skin. This face wash is perfect for men’s skin, made from milk, tomato paste rose petals, and cucumber and you can use it every time you feel like your skin needs freshening up.

Pre-Shave Oil



Many men haven’t heard of a pre-shaving oil, but those who have to know that it softens the skin and it provides a smoother shave, which means less irritation. This product is available on the market, but making your own is a lot cheaper and it smells nicer too.

Homemade Facial Toners And Tonics



Men have naturally oilier skin than women, so toners and tonics are excellent for removing that extra oily residue. But, most toners are alcohol-based, which dries the skin and may irritate more sensitive skin. These toners don’t cause those problems and you’ll find recipes for all skin types.

Homemade Face Moisturizer For Men



Dried up skin tends to get more easily irritated, so men need to keep their skin moisturized, especially if their work requires spending most of the time outdoors. This moisturizer is great for soothing and nourishing damaged or irritated skin.

After-Shave Balm And Other Personal Care Products



No matter how smooth or damaged the skin gets, men always use an aftershave. Some prefer the liquid type to splash or spray on their face while others like a soothing face massage with cream. Here you have a couple of all-natural after-shave balm recipes and recipes for other useful products like an exfoliator, sunburn balm, deodorant, and athlete’s foot.

Scrub, Cream And Shaving Foam Recipes



Some men just don’t have the time or the nerve to make face masks or other homemade beauty products every other day, let alone use them before or after their shaving routine. Well, these three recipes can be made to replace their shaving routine and give them clear and smooth skin.

Acne Face Masks For Men



Some men fight a never-ending battle with acne which tends to appear on their face and neck after shaving and that acne can’ be treated only with an aftershave. Here are strong, soothing, and delicious face acne masks, that can be made from food products in a matter of minutes and work wonders for busting those blemishes.

Homemade Facial Scrub For Men



Most homemade facial scrubs need to be done shortly before use and most men forget or simply don’t want to bother with making scrubs. That’s why this soap scrub is perfect for men. It is always at hand and provides a gentle, yet deep cleansing.

Face Packs And Face Masks For Dry And Oily Skin



Oatmeal, egg, apple, and lemon juice. Boiled oatmeal, egg, banana, and honey. These are the ingredients for the face mask that can solve your problem with oily or dry skin. They are that simple and easy to make. Try them.

Homemade Aftershave



This herbal aftershave will quickly become your favorite aftershave and cologne. Scented like the popular Bay Rum Cologne and with anti-microbial properties, there is simply nothing to hate about this homemade aftershave. It is maybe a bit complicated to make, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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