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Top 10 Fantastic Fishtail Braid Hairdos

Looking for a hairdo for your long unruly hair that looks elegant, yet doesn’t take long to make? How about a braid? Of course, you’d think that a braid is a hairstyle more suited for little girls, but not this braid.

The herringbone or fishtail braid is elegant, elaborate, and suitable for just about any occasion, from a business meeting to a fun night out. And the best part is that despite looking complex, it is surprisingly easy to make. It is no wonder that you can see variations of the fishtail braid on the hottest celebrities that walk the red carpet.

Learn how to make your own variation with the help of our top ten fishtail braid tutorials and it will quickly become your go-to hairdo.

Brilliant Braid


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Some of us simply aren’t skilled at braiding even the simplest of braids, let alone a fishtail. But with this brilliant tutorial, you get the fishtail look without twisting strands of hair. You simply make a hole in your hair and pull the rest of it through it. Anyone can do it. Simply brilliant.

Fishtail Braid or Mermaid Braid


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A variation of the fishtail braid, you can clearly see why this is called the mermaid braid. It has the look of the fishtail, but not the confinement, letting the hair flow freely behind the fishtail net. A lovely way to keep your hair tidy, yet free at the same time.

Fishtail Bun


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Want an elegant bun for a formal event, but simply can’t hold your hair in a tight ball? Then you can make this fishtail braid bun, by making two fishtail braids and then twisting and securing them atop your head with pins. Your hairdo will be the most elegant at the gathering and it will take you practically no time at all to make.

Summer Bridal Fishtail Updo


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The wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life and on that day she must look perfect in every way. So, it is rare for the bride to make her own bridal hairdo, but you never know… If you ever need to make a quick and elegant bridal hairstyle, this is the tutorial for you.

Criss Cross Fishtail Braid


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The fishtail braid has a distinct look, but for some daring types, even that is not distinct enough. If you wish to spice things up, give the fishtail braid a twist and you will end up with a fun almost chevron-like pattern.

Double Fishtail Twist


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The fishtail can be made in a way to give your hair a much bigger volume than it has, but it does make the braid look flat. If you want a fuller braid then try this tutorial, where you twist two braids into a big one. The effect is one gorgeous swirl that everyone will envy.

Side Twist Fishtail Braid


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When making a braid you don’t necessarily need to use all of your hair. Sometimes less is more. With this tutorial, you will be able to expose and frame your face by braiding the hair at the hairline, and as a bonus, get a pretty little braid on the side to embellish your loose hair.

How To Combine A French Braid And A Fishtail Braid


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You have decided that your next hairdo will be a braid, but can’t choose which one to make? If you are bored of the same old braids day in and day out, try mixing things up, by mixing different braids into one beautiful and unique hairstyle, like this one.

Fishtail Braided Crown


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In today’s lifestyle, you can have a day filled with completely different activities, for example, a meeting in the morning, a kid’s birthday party in the afternoon and a dinner party in the evening. You can’t waste time on your hair with a schedule like that. So, here is a hairstyle that you can effortlessly make and unmake and look amazing all the while.

Loose Fishtail Braid – Tutorial


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This tutorial will show you how to make one of the classic and simpler fishtail braids. You simply pull at the braid after finishing it in order to make it look more voluminous. With this tutorial, you could make the three braids shown in the picture, but if you also like to see the detailed tutorials for them, you can find them here, here, and here.

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