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Men’s Scalp Treatments For 3 Different Budgets


It is super important that you look after your scalp. As a man, you don’t often care about scalp health as much as you should. We usually use any shampoo we can find and maybe a conditioner if we can be bothered. We also cover our hair in grooming products to make it look nice, all of which can contribute to an unhealthy scalp.

Why is the scalp important? Well, if you don’t have a healthy scalp with good circulation, there’s every chance you can suffer from hair loss or hair thinning. It can also cause dandruff and itchiness that’s both annoying and embarrassing.

Thankfully, there are multiple scalp treatments out there for men. Today, we go through three different options for three different budgets:

Expensive: Laser Scalp Treatments

Lasers have become very popular in all sorts of cosmetic treatments. Ironically, lasers have been used to remove hair for years! However, you now have things like the Hairmax Laser Cap that uses a different type of laser to nourish your scalp. The basic science is that the lasers encourage blood circulation which improves scalp health and can promote hair growth and thickness. It’s very much a high-end option, but with scientific research to back it up, it could be the best option for you if it fits your budget.

Moderate: Scalp Cleaning Systems

This is a fancy name to describe a set of products that are used to clean and revitalize your scalp. You can get them from almost any grooming brand out there, and the idea is very simple. These kits usually include shampoo, conditioner, and sometimes an extra serum to use after you have showered. They tend to contain ingredients that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff – such as caffeine. You can find these kits at various price points, but it’s a good idea to invest in a good brand. Still, this should come in at a moderate price to suit most people’s budgets.

Cheap: Scalp Stimulators

The cheapest option is for people who really don’t want to spend much money at all. Here, you are looking for things that can stimulate your scalp. A couple of ideas include a scalp massager and a scalp cleaning brush. The scalp massager can be used whenever you like, encouraging blood flow to your head and improving circulation. The scalp cleaning brush is used when you shower and wash your hair, helping to remove dead skin and debris from your scalp while also boosting circulation. Both products are very cheap and can be found on sites like Amazon.

A healthy scalp will lead to thicker and healthier hair, as well as less dead skin falling onto your shoulders. If you already struggle with thinning hair or hair loss, opting for the more expensive treatments could be beneficial for you. Those of you that aren’t showing any current problems might be better off spending less money and going for the moderate or cheap options. Regardless, all three tiers present scalp treatments that will help your hair stay healthy.

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