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Top 6 DIY Projects For Beginners

Do you want to get into the world of DIY but don’t know where to start? If you like buying little ornaments, lamps, coasters, etc. for your house, imagine how much fun it would be to make them. It would not only be more cost effective and useful, but you will get to customize it however you want! Plus, this can give you and your loved ones something to do to spend some quality time together. DIY projects don’t just have to be for show, or for pretty tit-bits, but can prove to be truly useful. If you face any trouble or get stuck on a particular step, provides you guides to a number of such DIY projects, ranging from repair to décor. So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices running and take a look at these DIY projects that even a beginner can make without any trouble.


1. Wall Hangings
The world of DIY is filled with a plethora of methods to make beautiful and intricate wall hangings for your home, with yarn, wool, cardboard, beads, embroidery hoops, and what not. This is one of the easiest projects with no complicated proportions to take care of, no complicated procedures, and so many customizable options! Look it up, find a design you like, get the materials, and get straight to it!

2. Journals and diaries
Are you a writer? Do you like jotting your day-to-day thoughts down in a diary? Or are you a stationery fanatic? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, imagine being able to write in a diary that you made – one with the prettiest cover, the perfect pages, or one that truly depicts who you are as a person. Diary making DIYs not only help you make one of those, but also help you use all the extra paper you have lying around in your home and turn them into something you would use.

3. Jewelry
You every see those women with colorful little beaded necklaces that match their outfits perfectly, like they were made just for them? It’s because they probably were. There are so many projects out there that help you make tiny jewels with various products that can be found in your house or your nearest craft store. You can make them for your kids to just play around with, or you can make custom jewelry that goes perfectly with your favorite outfit to add some more charm to it.


4. Candles, candles, candles!!
Making candles is one of the most common DIY projects out there, and has been gaining more and more popularity in the recent times. Got some leftover candles from someone’s birthday, or got bored with your old candles that are just about to finish? All you need is a jar and a heating source and you now have a completely new, funky candle of your own. You can experiment with colors, shapes, sizes, scents and so much more with this idea. 

5. Organizers
Do you like all your stuff kept in a neat, organized manner? Does it bother you when you see pens on your table just lying around without any order? Is it difficult to find stands and organizers that match your aesthetic, or do you think it just is not worth it buying one from your everyday retail store? Well, all you need is an old can, some paper, some paint, and you can make one of the cheapest yet prettiest desk organizers for yourself!

6. Pretty pots
If you have a little garden or want to get started with decorating your house or your balcony with colorful pots and plants, you don’t have to look anywhere for the pretty pots you imagine – you can just make them yourself! There are no limits to what you can use or make when it comes to size, material or style. Got old cups lying around? Glasses? Jars? Helmets? Anything? As crazy as it sounds, all of these can be turned into pots for your little garden and you will have a custom made, themed garden in no time that fits your aesthetic.

Getting started can be daunting, you might be worried about wasting materials, time or you might not like the end result sometimes. But once you get the hang of it, making DIY projects can be so satisfying and inexpensive. You can make showpieces or useful items for yourself, or make personalized gifts for your loved ones. And who knows, one day you might get so good that you actually start receiving orders and start your own little business! You have to give it shot! And if you ever get stuck on a project, on a tiny step, or are just looking for new ideas and inspiration, will be there to your rescue!

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