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Top 6 Steps To Make Birthday Greetings More Personal With Video Messages

One thing that excites every person be it an 80-year-old or an 8-year-old is their birthday. Birthdays are special moments that never lose their appeal and elation.

Cakes, candles, balloons, chocolates definitely define birthdays but what makes them really special is your loved ones and the gifts that you receive. Aren’t we all most eager to receive greetings and gifts from our loved ones on our special day?  


In the past two years, almost all of us have survived social life and handled relationships through technology. This has made us realize how crucial relations are. Not only this; there have always been times we have felt empty inside and undervalued. Being appreciated or knowing that you are being cherished is something we have all craved. After all of this; when on your birthday you receive a wondrous video comprising all your loved ones appreciating and cherishing you, the joy obtained is beyond description! Checkout How to compile happy birthday messages into one surprise video gift.

Gifting trends have undergone a major transition in the past two years. Video messages have been gaining prominence, due to this; they have also become quite a common gift. Almost everyone today creates video messages for their dear ones. Then how do you make your message special.

How do you make your greetings more personal and make these video messages unique?

Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Invite people the celebrant truly likes and adores 

Gifting someone implies you always look at things from their perspective. When you are trying to make a personal video message, it’s always a good idea to avoid people the individual doesn’t really like. Invite only people who the individual truly loves, people who he finds desirable. This can include his favourite cousins, close friend circle, family members etc. You can also go out of the way and try connecting with a celebrity or famous personality the individual likes immensely and request them to send a video wishing the celebrant. This will surely fill them with thrill and make them scream with joy! You might have to follow up with the people you’ve invited. While doing this you must also make sure you are not bothering the invitees. 

Celebrate lets people create HD quality videos, and they don’t even have to install the application or log in. These videos through automation directly get added to your account. This makes it a very useful and likeable tool. 

2. Choose a theme 

Who doesn’t love a theme party! Theme parties have begun to rule most birthday celebrations. Can this be applied to videos? Why not! The celebrant might be a Marvel fan, Potter head, a bookworm etc.  Collating a video displaying the theme the celebrant dotes on can create a very warm and loving impact.


3. Dress and decorate in accordance with the theme 

Who says dressing up is only for real life. When you create a themed video, you could ask all the invitees to dress adhering to the theme. You could all get backdrops of the particular theme, props that suit etc. This will not only bring up the aesthetic but also create more zest! 

4. Add pictures and videos that matter 

If you are planning a video message for a celebrant, it is safe to assume you are very close to them. If so, you must have a good idea of the favourite memories of the celebrant. Gather images and videos that portray the happy memories of the celebrant. It could be pictures of them when born, videos of them doing crazy stuff, pictures coinciding with their interests and so much more. Let them have a journey down the memory lane and see how far they have come with life and cherish it. 

5. Add their favourite music 

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. We all have a piece of music that is extremely close to our heart, a piece of music that lets us escape and experience pure happiness. Adding this favourite piece of music of the celebrant while the birthday wishes and greetings play on is also a very good idea. 

6. Get creative and imaginative 

Apart from everything mentioned above, you can customize the video according to you. You can always think beyond the ordinary, ponder upon what the celebrant absolutely loves and add it to the video.


The sole aim of gifting an individual is to render them the joy that is unmatched and give them something that they can preserve for life. Something that will tear them up and also make them happy at the same time.  Material things usually after some duration of time undeniably perish. We all are well aware of technological advancements today; this ascertains that the video you furnish can stay with the celebrant for a lifetime. All your efforts will shine through the video. It will always make them feel treasured and will bring up their mood whenever they are low. 

Everyone loves being loved; we do not get to portray often how much one matters to us. Therefore, use this opportunity and let your loved ones know how much loved they are.

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