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Top 7 Things To Get Someone For A Baby Shower

Anyone who has been to a baby shower or even thought about attending one knows how stressful it can be when you get invited. Although such events are usually joyous occasions, there is pressure to get the perfect gift for the mom-to-be. This list will give some helpful hints on what not to buy, as well as recommendations of items that mom will really appreciate.


1. Baby Coupons

Baby coupons are a great alternative to tangible presents because mom will be able to pick out her own gift.  She won’t have to wonder if she should trade it in for something else or end up with a duplicate of an item that someone else bought. On this site, she can find baby coupons that will help her pick a product she wants. They are really a great present, they are helpful, and they allow creativity.

Baby coupons are also great as they allow new parents to save up for bigger ticket items that they may need at some point during the first year of the baby’s life.

2. Baby formula

Baby formula may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for a baby shower gift, but it is actually one of the very best gifts you can give. You see, there are several reasons why people just don’t supply this necessary item as a baby shower gift. First, they don’t know enough about what kind of formula their friends will use. Second, they probably have an idea that formula feeding is controversial, so they simply avoid giving anything related to it. The third reason- well, if someone really wants to give infant formula as a baby shower gift, they might feel shy because some people think it’s not socially acceptable. Every parent has their own rules, so you should act according to that.

This is a good gift because new moms are often too tired or stressed out to make bottles right away, so having one ready for her before she gets home will save her time and energy! Don’t go for the cheap stuff though, it is better to splurge on this. They will be able to use it soon enough, and they don’t want to risk using something that tastes like chemicals.

3. Silicone training cups

If you want a perfect gift, especially for new moms, you can choose something cheaper and practical. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as baby bottles, sippy cups, cute-shaped plates, etc. The cute-shaped cups are helpful with picky eaters mostly and help the parents to feed the little ones with the right portions. You can also try toddler silicone training cups, which will help them to grip the cup in a stable way, so they can start to drink not only water but also soups and juices. You might as well take into account parents’ preferences when choosing a gift so that it can be more personalized.

4. Pacifiers

Pacifiers are excellent baby shower gift ideas for new parents. Most new babies tend to easily become accustomed and attached to pacifiers. Parents rely heavily on pacifiers when they’re trying to help their children fall asleep or if they want to take them with them outside the home or into public. 

This is something that the baby may not be picky about using, but it’s still nice to get one or two different kinds (with caps) for if she needs to use them in a pinch. They are small enough that they won’t take up much room in her diaper bag.

5. Baby Wipes

One of the best baby shower gifts you can get is baby wipes. It’s useful because it requires no thought or preparation; all you have to do is buy them, wrap them in something cute and hand them out. Baby wipes are perfect for moms-to-be who are not planning on doing laundry or washing their babies at every diaper change, but just want to wipe the mess off before they go back to being clean. They’re also great for new mothers who don’t have time to take a bath after each diaper change since they’re too busy caring for their newborns.

6. Clothes for Baby, Size Newborn or 0-3 Months

Most new moms like to dress their babies in cute outfits, but they often run out of the little clothes quickly. Although they are likely to be gifted many pieces of clothing, having some extras for when their friends come to visit is helpful. A new mom can never have too many onesies for her baby! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but  it is nice if they are cute or have adorable messages on them.

There is no cuter way to dress up their newborn than stylish baby clothes. Unfortunately, the sizes are so small that even the smallest items won’t be able to fit their baby for quite some time, usually up to three months. This being the case, it is best to get newborn clothes in size 0-3, which will keep them cozy and cute throughout their first few weeks while still being big enough for longer use.  

With infants, always pay attention to fabric composition, since there are several options out there. Organic cotton is preferred by many parents because it gets softer with each wash and contains no chemicals or pesticides that might irritate sensitive skin. T-shirts, onesies, rompers, and sweatshirts are great for putting on their baby since they keep him or her warm.

7. Diapers

The most practical gift given to a mom-to-be is a box of diapers. They are always going to be needed, and she will definitely appreciate it since this new baby can go through ten diapers a day at times! Don’t forget to ask what kind of diapers she wants if she didn’t specify.

Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal to get diapers, they can be expensive and impractical. It’s just not possible to bring home all of her purchases in the store when she needs them most, so having some in the house is a much better idea than bringing them to the shower. Popular types of diapers include disposable ones for easy clean up, cloth ones that are reusable and can be used over again. These types differ in size, patterns, brands, etc.

Also, if none of these tips inspired you, you can always find more ideas everywhere or ask people who have been to a lot of baby showers for advice.


By getting the new mom a gift from this list, it will certainly help her out and give her some things she’ll love! There is no need to stress about what to get for a baby shower anymore. Just follow this list, and you have six great gifts with only one being clothing, so you can mix and match between them!

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