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Top 6 Ways To Buy Real Estate

Being an investor in the real estate market can be difficult. There are a ton of different ways to make money off the real estate market whether you’re buying a home for yourself or buying property as an investment, but no matter what, you should know that there is always risk involved. 

Investors are resourceful when it comes to real estate trade, however, and have developed a slew of methods to purchase homes. They sometimes do it to become landlords, or get homes, renovate them and move on while selling. Some individuals like this kind of lifestyle and involve their entire families in it. It is a viable and extremely popular option in the market today. There are six most common ways you can get real estate, and you can learn a bit more about it.


Abandoned homes

In many city areas, there are houses that have been empty for a while and the owners have disappeared. Sometimes there are legal issues, so it can be difficult to obtain these homes for either personal use or development. Have you ever wondered how do you take ownership of abandoned property? This process should take some time and be prepared that you will need patience, research, and some legal help. 

The city will send a notice to the last known owner of the house, and if they do not respond or cannot be located, the city will attempt to take possession of the property. If the city is unsuccessful in taking ownership of the property, then it will be offered. The city will then try for a year to sell the property. 

This is where you come in! You can be given an abandoned house by the government because they already tried and could not find the owner or did not have success trying to claim ownership themselves. The city will transfer ownership to you, but it must be done through “quiet title”, which means that there are no other claims on the house. The process can take anywhere from three months to a year or more. Renovation, taxes, and insurance alone may cost you thousands of dollars before you even put your first tenant in.

Buy and flip

This is one of the most popular methods for investors. Basically, they find a home they like and buy it, renovate it if necessary, and then sell it as quickly as possible. This can be a little more difficult in some markets, but it’s still a very popular option. 

There are a few things you should take into consideration if you’re looking to buy and flip a property. First, make sure that the market is stable and that there is potential for growth in the area. You don’t want to buy a property in a declining market because it will be more difficult to sell. 

You should also have a good idea of how much it will cost you to renovate the property and how long it will take you to finish the renovations. It’s important to factor these things into your calculations when deciding whether or not to buy a property. If you feel confident, then go ahead.


Cash is always king when it comes to real estate. Sticking with cash alone will eliminate any other concerns that you might have about being approved for a mortgage or meeting certain credit-score requirements. This being said, there are some other things you should take into consideration when considering this option. 

Many investors prefer to use cash because it eliminates the possibility of their offer being trumped by another party. In a competitive market, this can be a huge advantage. Another downside is that you may have trouble getting your hands on a large sum of money all at once.


If you have a lot of money and are very interested in a property, an auction may be a good option for you. This method requires a lot of research on your part, so it’s important to come prepared with knowledge about the area and what similar properties have gone for recently. An auction will require that you bid on the property as if you’re actually buying it with cash. If you win at the auction, then you’ve purchased the house with cash and your transaction is complete. 

Pre-foreclosure/Short Sale 

This can be a tricky process because there are many different laws surrounding this issue in each state. 

Basically, pre-foreclosure is when a homeowner knows that they will not be able to make their mortgage payments and they are in the process of trying to sell the property. A short sale is when the bank agrees to take less money for the property than what is owed on it. 

Both of these methods can be great options for buyers because the prices tend to be much lower than what you would find in the open market. The downside is that it can often take a long time to complete the sale, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to buy the property. 

REO/Bank Owned 

This is when a property has been foreclosed on and the bank has taken ownership of it. These properties are often available at a discount, but there is usually a reason why they are being sold at such a low price. 

It’s important to do your research before buying an REO property because you may find that it needs a lot of repairs. The bank will not be interested in funding these repairs, so you will need to decide whether or not the price is a good enough deal for you.

This method of buying real estate can be a little tougher, especially if you aren’t familiar with the area. There are plenty of online tools available to help educate yourself on an area and what another property has sold for recently.


Private investment groups can sometimes help you to get the cash you need. If you’re very determined, then call around every bank in your area until they give you some kind of answer. You’ll probably have to put up some collateral, but it may be worth it for the stability and peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got the cash.

Each method has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, talk to a real estate agent. They can help guide you through the process and give

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