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Making Your Barndominium Home: 5 Tips for Decorating a Barndominium


Barndominiums, or the barn and condominium combination, are rising in popularity due to their price, low-maintenance nature, and short building time. You’ll find that barndominiums come in pre-made kits ready for purchase through online or local in-person sellers. Or, you could build one from scratch.

Suppose you’re building your barndominium or just finished building it. In that case, one of your primary concerns might be decorating your new unconventional home. Making a large home, such as a barndominium, feel comfortable for you and your guests is challenging, but it can be easy if you do some planning and brainstorming.

Here are 5 tips for decorating a barndominium.

Consider the floor plan

Most barndominium plans have open floor plans, providing you with tons of space to fill and decorate. To determine decorations, you’ll need to establish where you want each room to be in your selected layout (either open or closed floor plan). Measure out each room or section you have to help determine what furniture can fit in your spaces.

Think about the style you want

You may consider using one style to make your new home feel more inviting and cohesive-looking to guests. There are plenty of interior styles to choose from when it comes to barndominiums. Some popular ones include:

  • Modern (use shapes, neutral colors, stone, etc.)
  • Rustic (use wooden furniture and decorations, warm colors, etc.)
  • Industrial (use metal, leather furniture, bricks, etc.)
  • Contemporary (use a neutral palette with pops of color, cool lighting fixtures, plants, etc.)

Choose a style and color palette you like, and start looking for decorations that match it.

Use rugs to separate spaces

Large homes such as bardominiums can make it challenging to define spaces, especially if yours has an open floor plan. You can’t simply group furniture together and hope it looks okay. Consider using area rugs in your living room area to help block off the space by situating your furniture around or on the rugs. Rugs can act as floor plans for a room.

Use lighting to set the right mood

You can use lighting temperatures to create the illusion of rooms as well. Using different lighting will induce different feelings in your brain.

Evidence shows that warm lighting creates a cozy feeling, while cold lighting can make you more alert, improving your productivity. So, when you start decorating, it might be wise to use warm lighting in your living room area and bedrooms. Then use cold lighting in places like the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Think about scale and proportions

Barndominiums usually have tall walls with vaulted ceilings. It would be best if you accounted for that when it comes to wall hangings and ceiling lights. Low-hanging lighting fixtures like chandeliers look great with vaulted ceilings. Using large canvas or framed paintings and human-sized mirrors are easy ways to decorate those towering walls.

Before you go

Barndominiums can make beautiful and comforting homes if you choose the correct decorating methods. Using cohesive colors, lighting, and proportioned artwork can quickly turn this large metal-based house into a home. Find the style that feels most comfortable to you and brainstorm from there to see where your decorating endeavors take you.

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