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Top 6 Ways To Make Your Fitness Programs More Fun For Your Clients

Fitness programs are all about making your clients feel good. It is important to give them a workout that challenges them, but also has some fun in it too! There are many ways to make fitness routines more enjoyable for your clients so they will come back time and time again. If you want to know the top 6 tips on making fitness programs more fun for your clients, keep reading!

Suggest Them To Watch YouTubers

Find YouTubers who have similar workout routines to your clients and tell them to watch them while exercising at home. This should help to make exercise fun for them when they’re on their own because they won’t feel like they are alone. Having a virtual workout buddy is a great way to make sure your clients never lack motivation.


Suggesting them to watch YouTubers is also good for making fitness programs more fun because it can give their body a nice variety. If they only follow the same workout routine every day, muscles will become used to those movements and won’t be as challenged anymore which means that progress will slow down or even stop altogether. This would just bore people after some time so giving them new material from other sources is very beneficial towards making exercise more interesting!

Give Them Various Exercises 

You should break the monotony by giving your clients a variety of exercises. It should be something that they have never done before and it helps to keep them motivated as well as make the workout more fun for everyone involved. You can take inspiration from what others are doing in your industry or you may even want to come up with a completely new concept. 

Here are some suggestions on how to combine different workouts: 

  • Circuit Training: This is a workout that combines various exercises in one circuit. They usually involve going from exercise to exercise with little or no rest between sets and completing the entire circuit many times.
  • Interval Training: Quite simply, this involves doing a number of repetitions at high intensity followed by a rest period. 
  • Energy Systems Training: This training will help them increase cardiovascular fitness as well as build strength and endurance. 
  • Repetition Training: This type of training is all about improving power, speed, agility, or endurance by repeating an exercise.

Think Of Games They Can Play While Exercising 

You should think of some games your clients can play while exercising in order to make their fitness programs more fun. For example, if you are making them run on the treadmill, they could try and beat each other by seeing who runs faster or who can stay on there longer without taking a break. 

This will not only make running much more interesting but it is also good motivation for your clients when trying to improve themselves! Another game that would work well with treadmills would be making up different workout routines like “one minute of jumping jacks followed by one set of squats. This keeps people engaged throughout the process. 

Gradually Intensify Their Routines 

To make sure nobody gets bored, you should gradually intensify your client’s workouts. For example, if they run for 30 minutes on the treadmill three times a week, start making them increase to running 40-60 minutes four or five days out of seven in order to keep their bodies challenged and engaged with fitness programs.

Another good way for this is making them more difficult over time so that you can challenge clients’ abilities without making it seem like too big of an adjustment at once.

Set Short-term Goals For Them 

Give your clients monthly, or even weekly goals to help them stay on track. This is a great way for your clients to see all of the progress they are making, which will encourage them to keep going! For example, if their ultimate goal is to lose 20 pounds you could have small monthly goals that include eating less junk food or more fruits and vegetables. Each week can be dedicated towards one of these smaller monthly goals so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

Play Music During Sessions

Music and exercise go together like peanut butter and jelly, but did you know that making fitness programs more fun for clients can also improve outcomes? Doing so is one of the top six ways to make your fitness programs more effective.

Studies show that music with a faster tempo increases endurance during exercise sessions. So try listening to dance music when clients do cardio workouts on machines like treadmills or ellipticals! Listening to upbeat tunes while training provides positive feedback by making people feel good. It’s no wonder why playing any kind of music (except maybe opera) makes fitness programs more fun for clients!


Working out is fun on its own, but can get dull after some time. However, if you give your clients homework and pair them up with YouTubers it can make it more fun for them. Think of different exercises and create small games out of them. Gradually intensify their routines so that they’d keep feeling the burn and set short-term goals they need to reach. Finally, play some music during sessions so that the rhythms keep them afloat.

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