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Top 6 Ways to Update & Improve the Back Garden


It doesn’t matter what size your garden is – big or small – every type of backyard space could benefit from a refresh. It can feel like a daunting task, though, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to.

Get yourself outside in the fresh air, clear the afternoon of any personal responsibilities, and set to work in your garden to achieve one or more of the following ways to update and improve the space.

     1.  Upcycle Old Plant Pots

Firstly, if you have a half-used tin of paint lying around in the garage or shed, then wash off your paintbrush and grab a couple of weather-beaten plant pots.

Give them a sand-down before applying a fresh coat of paint for an instant splash of color, and if you want the pots to last the regular downpours, make sure you include a topcoat of waterproof paint, too.

     2.  Refresh the Paving

If you are currently unable to afford the time or the money to replace the patio slabs entirely, then borrow a pressure washer from your neighbor or family member and meticulously clean every tile; you will be truly amazed at the difference.

For broken, stained, and generally unkempt tiles, you would be far better off investing in high-quality and beautifully finished porcelain tiles from renowned and established retailers,

     3.  Stick to Flowers in Pots

It may well be the case that you love nothing more than a wild and unruly garden full of mismatched colors of different plants, shrubs, and trees.

However, for maintenance’s sake, from now on, if you do fall in love with a plant, make sure you grow it and cultivate it in a plant pot, making it much easier to take care of and water.

     4.  Set Aside An Hour

As with so many other jobs, the longer you put something off, the harder it will be.

This next point is especially applicable for those whose garden comprises of a large grassy area. From now on, promise yourself to set aside just one hour a week to take care of weeding, mowing the lawn, and generally tidying up.

     5.  Hang Solar Lights

These days, solar lights, whether the type you stick in the soil or the string variety, which you can hang effortlessly through the fenceposts across the perimeter of your garden, are as cheap as chips.

What is more, once they are in position, you will be able to enjoy the pretty lights night after night without having to pay a penny!

     6.  Buy Ready Made Hanging Baskets

Now, unless you look forward to the spring when you head down to the local garden center and buy a trolley-load of bedding plants, chances are you would love for the exterior of your home to simply look beautiful.

Instead, even though they tend to be a little more expensive, you can now buy readymade hanging baskets that you can bring straight home and place in your garden immediately – just don’t forget to water them!

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