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Top 7 Fashion Hacks That Will Help You Wear Your Favorite Clothes Without Spending Much Money

One thing is for certain: fashion trends always come back around. That’s why throwing out your favorite clothes may not be the best idea. In fact, why spend money on new clothing items when there are so many hacks you can try to give your favorite items a longer lifespan? Read on for some of the best fashion hacks that are cost-effective and will allow you to hold onto your favorite clothes a little longer. 


Buy What You’ll Wear Out

Many reasons people waste money is because they buy items they don’t plan to wear very often. Wearing it once and throwing it out isn’t very practical. Instead, try only buying items that you know you’ll wear again and again. Consider a “price per wear” approach; if it costs a lot, you better plan on wearing it often. 


Parents rave about vaseline as if it’s some magical ingredient that treats almost everything. Well, they’d be right – sort of. Vaseline isn’t only an effective skin treatment, it may also revive your favorite outfit! Rubbing vaseline on a stuck zipper will afford you the chance to bring back that cool leather jacket or glamorous clutch. 

Vinegar and Club Soda

Pantry staples may be the ultimate fashion hack. Gone are the days when you’d have to throw out your favorite leather items due to a stain. Vinegar and cold water alone can do the trick. You’ll get to keep a lot of your favorite clothes around for a long while. Moreover, adding distilled vinegar to a washing cycle can help prevent dark jeans from fading in color. 

Wine lovers can rejoice to know that they no longer have to throw out their garments because of a clumsy moment. Club soda will rid you of that red wine stain. Just pour a little onto the area and blot with a towel. Wash the garment and repeat if necessary. Avoid drying the item until the stain is gone. 

Turn Old Men’s Shirts into a Bardot Top

Online shopping can be so tempting when you scroll through and see one glamorous top after another. But the truth is, the material may already be in your closet. Men’s shirts are made from different fabrics, making them versatile enough for different events. If you or the men in your life plan on throwing them out – think again! Cutting out the collar to make an off-the-shoulder look can help you create a Bardot-style top. Then, simply tie it at the bottom for a summery style. 

Never Throw Out Denim

Unfortunately, jeans are among the first items of clothing to get thrown out because they either shrink, fade or go out of style. But denim is one item that you should never throw away; it is one of the most recyclable materials. Re-shaping your denim jeans into shorts, turning wide-leg jeans into skinny jeans, or using patches for embroidery or other style pieces are all great ways to keep your denim alive. You can even use your old denim items to repair others with rips and tears. 

Losing weight is another reason why people believe it’s time to opt for a new pair, which often leads them to spend money unnecessarily. The truth is, there are some hacks that will allow you to secure your pants without having to add to your budget. If you want to make your clothes fit better, there are ways to make the saggy style look not too shabby. Many fashion DIY projects are easy to try even with little to no sewing skills. 

Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

You won’t need to worry about replacing your favorite jewelry and trying to find new accessories to go with your outfit. By using toothpaste, you can brush and wash your earrings, rings, and necklaces, and restore them to their original condition. Give them back their glow and keep the cleaning costs low. 

Prevent Over-Washing Damage

Is there anything worse than your favorite soft t-shirt losing its silky texture? Because you’ve worn it so many times, all that washing has taken a toll. Well, luckily, you can save it! Throwing away your favorite top is not something anyone wants to do, and it may be hard to ever find it again. So instead, soak it in saltwater for 3 days and watch its material come back to life. 


It’s always a sad day when you think it’s time to retire that old t-shirt because you’ve gotten all the wear out of it that you can. However, luckily, you don’t have to! Refer to these fashion hacks to ensure you can keep your favorite clothing items around for as long as possible.

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