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Top 7 Home Improvements That Will Raise The Value Of Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future or simply want more return on investment when you do, there are several inexpensive improvements that can be made to your property that will increase its value. These easy upgrades include everything from repairing small problems like peeling paint and cracked concrete walkways to major remodels of kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, most of the following projects will provide short-term benefits in the form of lower utility bills, which is especially important with today’s energy costs.


Where to start

Before making major repairs to a home, it is important to closely examine the cost/benefit analysis of each project. In most cases, the cost simply cannot be the only factor when deciding upon a home improvement investment. Homeowners should not overspend on a project that will not provide a substantial or lasting return on investment. As mentioned by the folks behind, there are some buyers that buy the house in its original state and don’t ask for repairs. In addition to that, there are some buyers that won’t buy a house if the repairs aren’t done. Let’s see what you can do!

The kitchen

Kitchens are often the center of daily family life; thus it is only natural that buyers want to see an updated and modernized kitchen. A few inexpensive updates can go a long way in making this space feel new again. New countertops, flooring, appliances, paint, lighting fixtures, and cabinets can be easily added or swapped out to achieve this goal. You could even build in some built-in storage features to make better use of every inch of space in this commonly used area by potential homeowners.

The bathrooms

Remodeling your bathroom with new flooring, wall tiles, fixtures, and cabinets can make this commonly used room feel fresh and bright once again. Just like kitchens, bathrooms tend to show signs of wear over time; thus it is important to spruce them up prior to listing your home for sale. This renovation should be completed before any other updates in the same area because buyers will often use this space as an indicator of how well their family will fit into your home.

The curb appeal

When it comes to selling a house, many of the most important changes are seen from the outside. A fresh coat of paint on both siding and decks can go a long way in updating a home before being listed for sale. Additionally, landscaping new grass and gardens will let potential buyers imagine what life would be like if they lived there, as well as adding a more visually appealing exterior. Keep your yard neat and mowed throughout the process so that each showing is as fresh as possible. Once again, you’ll likely see an increase in offers with this simple fix!

The lightning

Lighting might not seem like such an important part of your home’s appearance; however, these little details can really draw attention to and accentuate all the best (and worst) features of your decor. A fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures in your bedrooms, living room, and kitchen will go a long way towards making buyers feel comfortable with their potential purchase.

Lighting is especially important when using photos for marketing purposes; so it is wise to replace any lighting fixtures that appear dated prior to selling your home. The same goes for ceiling fans throughout the house!

The doors

There’s no denying that doors are one of those key items that buyers will notice right away as they walk through your front door or even just drive by. As such, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained. If they are scratched, dented, or even just looking worn, this will divert potential homebuyers’ attention away from your other interior features; thus you should replace them ASAP if this is the case. For a fresh start, there’s nothing quite like new doors!

Even small projects such as replacing a missing doorknob can make a world of difference when it comes to boosting your home’s attractiveness. It is important not to underestimate these seemingly minor projects because they can actually have an immense effect on how people feel about your home.

The deck

Replacing your deck can be a major selling point for those looking to start a family. This is definitely an improvement that requires some money as well as time; however, you’ll be rewarded with higher offers as a result. Sprucing up the outside of the house by removing old plants and adding new ones can also make a big difference in showing buyers how much love and care you give your home. Finally, replacing rotten siding sends a message about your dedication to maintaining this property both inside and out!

The yard

Even if you’re not looking to add on to your home, it is important that buyers realize that there is space for them and their families both inside and out. While this might mean adding a garden or deck; it may also simply be as simple as making sure your lawn looks good and there are no dead spots in the grass. For buyers, this is about more than just enjoying your yard; it is also an indicator of how much time and effort you put into keeping up the exterior. There are also ideas that you can find online that can help you organize fixing your home. All of these added touches will go a long way in increasing the value of your home, as well as making it more attractive to those looking for a new place to live.


If you’re considering selling your house in the near future, then take some time now to assess what changes need to be made in order to ensure that potential buyers are attracted to this property as much as you are. After all, your home and location are likely the biggest factors in how much you receive for your house; thus, it is important to do everything possible to make sure that buyers can easily picture themselves living there. By making the most of even the most basic home improvement projects, you will be well on your way to giving your house a fresh start and ensuring that it is ready for its next owner.

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