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Top 7 Tarot Myths To Dispel

  1. Tarot is evil occultism

Tarot is a deck of cards and a system for reading them – it’s a tool, used as the reader wishes to use it. Whether people use it correctly and for benefit, or not so usefully, is very much down to those individuals, not the tarot system or the deck itself. 

  1. All tarot readers are well-meaning, kind people

While a lot of tarot readers are kind people who want to genuinely help others and offer support, not all people have only your best interests at heart. You always need to be discerning when choosing who you listen to or who you interact with; when it comes to tarot readers, things are no different.

  1. Tarot readings are only good for predicting the future

While some readings do focus on potential outcomes in various situations, that’s only a portion of the many purposes for which people get readings. Tarot is also used to get a fresh or different perspective on things like past lives and karma, events or situations from your personal past, shadow and inner child work, self-development, and so on. Here is a good Fortune-Teller tool that you can try. 

  1. Tarot readings can’t predict the future

The future is very rarely set in stone. Various circumstances and factors can influence potential outcomes, so tarot doesn’t predict the future as much as it predicts potential future outcomes based on elements as they are at the time of doing the reading. Some look at likely outcomes and try to change them, while others begin with the goal of attaining a particular outcome and use readings as a guide to get there.

  1. Only psychics can do tarot readings

Though some tarot readers are psychics, it’s not at all required to do readings. In fact, anyone can study the card meanings in their system of choice and start practicing with readings. That doesn’t mean that all readers or readings are equal, but being psychic not a must.

  1. Anyone can be a good tarot reader

While anyone can learn about the system of tarot, not all readers are equal. Just like anyone can attend a painting class, but not all of those attending will become artists, not everyone studying tarot is going to be equally gifted at tarot reading. While the system has its basics, truly gifted tarot readers don’t just read the cards – they read through the cards and often gain intuitive insight into the situation and people involved.

  1. Tarot reading is all about the deck you’re using

While the deck you’re using is very important, especially if you’re an intuitive reader, the deck is based on a system of meanings. In that sense, an experienced reader can use just about any tarot deck, and still read in their personal style. 

At the same time, the same cards read from different decks might bring forth entirely different messages. While traditional or by-the-book readers might always read the same cards in more or less the same range of ways – “The eight of swords is the eight of swords, is the eight of swords” – intuitive readers can read the same card in different ways depending on the illustrations triggering intuitive messages. Yes, there will always be a core set of meanings for each card, but the art of reading tarot cards is in the details.

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