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Top 9 Tips for Saving Time in the Kitchen

Having a full-time job and taking care of all the errands, cooking, and chores can leave you feeling totally exhausted by the end of the day. However, you may not know that many solid shortcuts are available for making your life easier.

In this article, I’m going to describe some tips for how to cook more efficiently. All of these have been tested and proven to work in real life.

  1. Get organized – have your ingredients and tools close by to make cooking faster


One of the effective to save time in the kitchen is by getting organized. This will help you find what you need quickly and also allows you to cook more efficiently. For example, I always ensure that my ingredients and tools are within arm’s reach for easy cooking access. I find that this has dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend cooking.

  1. Plan for the week ahead

Planning is an effective way to save time in the kitchen. For example, before you head to the grocery store, make a list of what needs to be purchased. This will save you from having to go back multiple times and ensure that you don’t forget anything. If possible, try cooking dishes for the next few days early in the week to be ready and waiting when it is time for dinner. Being prepared like this will save you time and allow you to relax a little more.

  1. Create meals that can be made ahead of time, like soups or casseroles

One of the best ways to cook more efficiently is cooking dishes that can be made ahead of time. Favourites that I make in advance are soups and casseroles, and they are usually leftovers from another dish or something simple like tuna salad. This will help you avoid spending hours in the kitchen each day and allow you to serve your guests or family a dish that is hot out of the oven.

  1. Get rid of clutter – if you have lots of items cluttering up your workspace, then it will be harder and harder for you to find what you need.

Getting rid of clutter will help you keep a clear workspace and avoid having to search for items. Keeping your kitchen organized will also save you time by making it easier for you to find what you need.

  1. Divide large tasks into smaller ones so you don’t get overwhelmed with the task at hand

When you have a larger task in front of you, it can feel overwhelming and challenging to get started. I find that dividing the task into smaller manageable ones helps me not be overwhelmed by the work ahead of me. This also saves me a lot of time because I don’t need to spend as much time planning or thinking ahead about what needs to be done before starting.

  1. Create a schedule – make it a habit to write your weekly menu and shopping list on Sunday


Creating a schedule for the week will save you time because you won’t need to think as much about what you’re going to cook. Instead, create your meal plan of what needs to be made during the week. This includes shopping lists and even cleaning tasks that need to be done. I always try to make sure my schedules are complete before Sunday so that everything for the week is ready for me by Monday when I start cooking. This has saved me an incredible and mean an incredible amount of time and energy in the kitchen!

  1. Keep an inventory list for what’s in your pantry and fridge, so you know what needs to be replenished

One of the biggest time wasters ever in the kitchen is running out of ingredients or forgetting to buy a staple before heading to the grocery store. I keep my kitchen organized and save time by being aware of what exactly is in my pantry and fridge. This is no were near as difficult as it may sound, and all you need to do is complete an inventory list every few weeks. This inventory list will allow you to know what needs to be replenished to avoid running out of ingredients or having too much food, which inevitably goes wrong.

  1. Purchase high-quality kitchen utensils


I can’t stress enough the difference between cheap and high-quality utensils. For example, using a non-stick frying pan that scratches easily may cost you more in the long run than replacing it with a better quality one, its important to do you research and find a quality pan range. High-quality utensils are not only more durable but typically come with warranties that make for more straightforward replacements. One of the best advice I could give to someone who likes to cook is to invest in high-quality kitchen items because it will save them time in the long run.

  1. Make a crockpot your friend

Ever thought of using a crockpot? I use it to make all sorts of things! I like to fill it with veggies and exotic broth, then let it cook in the crockpot for six hours or longer. The result is always so rich and delicious.

In conclusion, I hope these tips have been helpful, and you’ve learned a bit about how to save time in the kitchen. It’s not always that easy to find the time or energy to cook because we all lead busy lives. Luckily, with a bit of planning and making quality purchases for your kitchen equipment, cooking can be an enjoyable task that doesn’t seem so daunting.

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