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Top Advantages Of The Epic BMW X4

BMW is known for creating unique cars that promise an experience like no other from the minute you sit behind the wheel.

The BMW X4 is one of their latest models and does not disappoint with its superior design, speed, high performance, and sublime ride quality.

The X4 isn’t just a car that will get you from A to B, but a vehicle that will open you up to luxury and quality performance in every way.


The X4 offers both coupe and SUV-like features and is a ‘Sports Activity Vehicle.’ 

This new BMW car combines the stylish demeanour of a coupe with the ride height and characteristics of an SUV.

This beautifully designed and high-quality vehicle is set to be your best companion on the roads, and we’ve got the feedback from those who were lucky enough to track-test the new cars to prove it.

Practical And Comfortable

When it comes to interior space, the BMW X4 is pretty impressive. Both the front seats and the rear seats allow for a lot of room due to the seating position.

The driver’s seat is supportive, and the rear seats split to give you access to the boot, and you have the option of dropping them, giving you 1430 litres of load space. 

The car also has excellent storage space, which most drivers look for, and every part and function of the car just makes sense.

This BMW has a standard M Sport Exhaust and a powerful engine, making it worth the price. BMW describes this car as a ‘sports activity vehicle.’

Despite this, it is still comfortable to travel in and handles with exceptional composure for a car of its weight and size. It has also been designed in a way that has made it more fun to drive.

Not Only A Sports Car But A Family Car

When it comes to the interior of the X4, it boasts an all-black cabin with flawless red stitching, and the M sports package adds a sportier steering wheel.

The car has three modes, including sports mode and sports plus mode. You can drive this car at high speeds with more power, knowing that it will remain stable and prioritize safety.

You can also expect some world-class features, such as a huge panoramic sunroof and a premium Kardon sound system, making it the perfect car for those long family road trips.

To make the driving experience even better, the X4 has various safety features such as traction control, 6 airbags, stability control, ABS, run-flat tyres, auto-lock, and EBD. 

We can assure you that the driver assistance systems in the BMW X4 will keep you and the family safe at all times.

The touchscreen on the dashboard has the latest iDrive system, which is super easy to navigate while on the move.

And it includes a wireless charging pad and Apple CarPlay so that you can easily and safely use your mobile devices.

BMW has made use of the best technology, giving the driver some huge benefits. There is also a digital touch key with the display. 

This is optional and provides the driver with information about the vehicle. However, this comes at a price.


Performance And Design

When being driven, the X4 is described as powerful, sporty, and playful in the ambience of the cabin and the steering feel.

The three driving modes affect performance; comfort mode tends to tame the engine. 

Eco mode minimises performance but does help fuel usage. While sports mode sends a lot more power to the rear wheels and adds some weight to the steering.

The rear wheels are farther apart, the suspension is firmer on the X4, and the car is slightly wider, larger, and lower.

Many test drivers feel that the engine is the most exciting part due to its fuel efficiency, and it is a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit making 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.

Due to the standard all-wheel-drive systems, light off-roading is possible no matter the terrain, and one can feel confident when going around corners as the X4 is sharp and well-weighted.

Luckily, some people do drive reviews to test this out on both the track and the road. 

The Journey

BMW has played a role in shaping the automotive industry through evolution and innovation. The X4 is the perfect example.

Everything about this car is a journey, from exploring the exquisite interior, the presence it has on the road, and its cool sporty but elegant look.

They say, “life is a journey, and only you hold the key,” so what better way to start and unlock it by investing in the BMW X4?

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