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Top Energy Efficient Windows to Install For Your House in 2024

So the New Year has come, and you decided to finally make some renovations to improve your house and boost its market value? That’s the right decision to take, especially with the significant real estate growth in 2024.

Buying and installing the right windows is the number 1 renovation to boost your property value and increase comfort, so you are right to consider this home improvement first.


And if you are reading this article, you are probably also interested in cutting down on your energy bills by installing the best energy-efficient windows for your house. That is why our team has reached out to Ecoline, Canadian window and door experts, to ask all the essentials regarding the topic and share the most valuable insights with you. Interested? Keep reading! 

Why install energy-efficient windows for your house?

As we have previously mentioned, homeowners strive to get energy-efficient units to cut down on energy bills and increase the overall thermal performance of their houses. According to Energy Star, the overall heat loss through windows can go up to 25%, making your energy bills skyrocket, but installing energy-efficient windows helps to reduce annual energy costs by 8%.

Top energy-efficient windows to choose in 2024

While many aspects make windows energy efficient, the biggest one is your window style. So we have prepared the list with pros and cons for the best windows to go with when choosing units for your replacement project.

Casement windows

Hands down, this is the most energy-efficient window style among operable units. Casements operate just like the standards doors do, bringing you comfort and peace of mind. These units come with significantly tighter seals than other window styles, making them highly energy-efficient and durable.


  • The best level of energy efficiency among operable units;
  • Traditional design;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Cost-effectiveness.


  • The crank mechanism might go out of service if not maintained frequently;
  • Might not match modern designs;

Sliding Windows

These are horizontally oriented windows with a huge glass area to provide amazing unobstructed views outside. The windows slide along the track and are easy to operate, even for kids. While they are not as energy efficient as casements, they still provide a decent level of savings if you buy new Energy Star labelled units.


  • Optimal ventilation;
  • Do not need extra space due to moving horizontally;
  • Bring a modern touch to your house;
  • Allow for great unobstructed views.


  • Sliders are usually more expensive than other units;
  • The installation is more complicated;
  • Require frequent maintenance to operate smoothly.

Picture Windows

If you seek the maximum level of energy efficiency, then picture windows are definitely your choice. These are non-operable large units usually installed in living rooms for fantastic views outside and an increase in thermal performance.


  • Large windows with a huge glass area for great views and comfort;
  • No need for frequent maintenance;
  • Maximum energy savings;

Great level of light control;


  • The units are expensive;
  • No ventilation;

Energy-efficient windows: prices breakdown

While energy-efficient units should bring you additional energy costs savings, you need to understand that initial investments would be pretty high. While we can not provide you with precise quotes, the table below represents the approximate prices for standard energy-efficient units discussed previously.


How to make sure you are buying energy-efficient windows?

When analyzing energy efficiency, one of the essential aspects to take into account is the glazing your new windows are supplied with. Basically, you have two options here – double-pane and triple-pane windows. An extra pane always makes your window more energy efficient. But the thing is, it will cost you more, so you should analyze additional factors before going for that extra pane. Would it be a suitable investment? Let’s find out.

All units have 2 values, telling about their overall performance:

  • R-value. It is an overall insulative value. In simple words, the bigger the R-value rating, the better your window performs as an insulator.
  • U-value. This indicator tells you about the amount of heat that escapes via a window – the lower the U-value, the better the insulating properties of your new windows.

Double-glazed windows usually provide an R-value ranging from 3 to 3.8, while triple-paned windows typically come with an R-value of 5 or higher, making them more efficient when blocking heat flow. 

To better understand the numbers, just look at this example:

  • The average heat loss via the window decreases by 30% to 40% when you replace double glazing Energy Star windows with an R-value of 3 to the R-value of 5. 

That is why triple-glazed products usually can be up to 50% more efficient compared to units that come with double glazing.

The Bottom Line

Installing new energy-efficient windows is a perfect decision when renovating your house. Not only do you get more comfort and extra savings on energy costs, but you will also significantly boost your home’s value and make it more attractive for potential buyers. Just remember to choose Energy Star labelled windows, decide on the right window style and glazing, and what’s even more important, find a reliable window company to do the installation. Even the best units will go out of service soon if installed poorly, so dealing with the installers that follow the CSA guidelines and your building code is a must.

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