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Top Learnings About Your Body

Our bodies are dynamic entities capable of regenerating, recuperating, & recreating. Modern-day tech and human ingenuity make amazing discoveries possible. 


Women haven’t always had the easiest time accessing top-tier medical care over the years. It’s only in the last century that proper care and attention have been directed at providing improved health and wellness services to women. This was all brought about in the 60s and 70s as women’s rights were recognized as part of a broader global movement. Women have been demanding and receiving much better prenatal and postpartum health services. The first female with a medical degree was Elizabeth Blackwell, back in 1849. The medical sector was sorely lacking in female professionals, but that has been dramatically reversed in recent decades. 

As women, we have access to the finest medical technology humankind has ever seen. Minimally invasive surgery using robotic devices has dramatically improved outcomes, reduced human error, and fast-tracked recovery across the board. A lot of the guesswork that went into understanding female bodily functions have been eliminated by medical science. Thanks to highly effective testing, improved obstetrics and gynecology, and the power of community-oriented expert knowledge bases. Now the medical world is indeed focused on women’s specific needs.


The Ultimate Human Ability: Bringing New Life into the World

What all the meteoric achievements humans have racked up over the years, the most basic human ability is that which is capable of bringing new life into the world. It smacks of divine intervention, and yet it is pure biology operating as nature intended. Despite the seeming simplicity of the reproductive process, it is in fact a complex undertaking that has to be timed to perfection in order for successful outcomes to result. Conception is possible when all the proverbial stars align. This is the culmination of myriad factors including health and wellness, diet and nutrition, ovulation, menstrual cycles, and general fertility (of males and females).

There are volumes of encyclopedias on this very topic, with near limitless data readily available on the World Wide Web, some credible and some sensational. The complexity surrounding conception-related issues is somewhat distracting from the life-changing ability to bring new life into the world. Women as the fairer sex have heretofore been on the back foot, at the mercy of systems that aren’t always easy to navigate. 

Fortunately, communities of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, midwives, pregnant moms, and elders have banded together to create global women’s groups to tackle all the topics that women and their partners need addressing. AskIris is a trusted resource for women’s issues pertaining to pregnancy, menstruation, fertility, and general women’s health. Popular topics include period pain relief, ovulation, fertility, menstrual cycles, and period cramps.

Support groups are increasingly common around the world, given the importance of disseminating accurate information to masses of women who want to know the facts. With pregnancy-related issues, there is strength in numbers. Women are more trusting of other women who are expecting their own children, or those who have already given birth. By relating to others, it is much easier to build a rapport with one another.  Many deeply personal issues can be discussed freely and openly, such as period pain, birth control, menstruation, conception issues, ovulation, ovarian cysts, and much more.

Accessing the Wisdom of the Crowds and the Experts

Many of the issues that women face when trying to conceive are highly complex. There are marked differences between ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, and false positives, in either case, are certainly possible. Women can learn important information about LH levels with ovulation tests, with standard accuracy of around 97% +. And yet false negatives can still be created with Pregmate ovulation tests and Temprop fertility testing systems. Other topics that garner tremendous interest among women are menstrual cups, IVF or IUI, UTIs, menstrual migraines, basal temperature tracking, and ovarian cysts. Each of these topics presents tremendous challenges, but community engagement through the wisdom of the crowds and the experts can certainly make it all much more tolerable. Access to reliable data has always been a major bugbear, but credible sources provide trusted information that women can count on. Now, communities of experts can take the guesswork out of the equation. These days, it’s easier to make informed choices and educated assessments about female health issues.

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