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Top Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Regular Cigarettes

While e-cigarettes are better for your health than regular smokes, it doesn’t mean they are healthy. However, they contain fewer toxic chemicals when compared to over 7000 chemicals found in standard smokes. E-cigarettes vaporize nicotine, propylene, glycerin, and other chemicals. 

Commonly called vaping, e-cigarette smoking has several side effects, including dry mouth, coughing, and respiratory issues. So the aerosol from the cigarette also contains nicotine and other chemical substances. Some experts assert that it may not make sense to switch from regular smokes to vaping. 

For one, vaping is also more expensive than standard smoking. It’s vital to note doing either one of these things regularly can result in lung and heart diseases, cancer, and other severe health issues.

What are E-Cigarettes?

These battery-powered smoking devices are rising in popularity. The activity involves the inhalation of vapor passed through the device. The most fundamental difference between traditional smoking and vaping is that the former involves dry smoke. 

Another note is that vaping hasn’t been around long enough for medical experts to fully understand its health and side effects. It is also vital to note that vaping is highly addictive and can cause even fatal lung and other health issues. Since vaping puts nicotine in the body, it can also lead to common smoking addictions and lead a person to start smoking. 

Most vaping devices look like flash drives, and you can even charge them in your laptop’s USB port. Research proves that the nicotine levels in a vaping device are almost the same as those in cigarettes. There are over 500 vaping device brands in the US today. 

One of the main reasons the activity is popular is that many adults who are trying to quit smoking turn to e-cigarettes to bring down their nicotine addiction levels. These devices are banned in some states, and the government is still making regulations on how vaping-related devices should be made and sold. 

Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

There are several complicated health risks associated with e-cigarettes. Stats show that a good percentage of people who try out vaping in the US are teens. Teen brains are still developing, and vaping and smoking addictions could significantly harm and hinder this process. 

Additionally, they also contain chemicals that impact other areas of your body and brain. Some of these issues could even be fatal and irreversible. Health experts assert that teens should never start vaping. Strict government regulations prohibit the distribution and supply of these devices to people who are not adults.

Are E-Cigarettes Better than Other Smoking Products?

It’s best to compare the risks and health issues posed by both products to answer this question.

Nicotine Levels

As mentioned above, vaping is not better than smoking in terms of nicotine levels present in the device and the delivery of the substance to the human body. Nicotine can mess with your cognitive and physical functioning. 

Hence, if you are new to vaping, it’s best to stay away to avoid getting addicted to vaping and smoking. Studies suggest that vaping may be as addictive as heroin and cocaine. So these devices are just as addictive as standard smoking products.

Physical Health Risks       

Vapes contain chemicals, flavorings, and other substances found in standard smokes. However, the level of chemicals may be lower in e-cigarettes. However, since these smoking devices expose the smoker to aerosol, the physical health benefits are not significant. 

Even occasional vaping can cause several health issues. It can raise your blood pressure levels, increase your heart rate and raise your adrenaline levels.

Second-Hand Smoke

Experts believe that the secondhand smoke exposure risks of e-cigarette vapor may be much lower than other traditional smoking products. However, it still causes air pollution and other environmental issues that still cause health issues to people. 

Additionally, it’s vital to keep these devices away from children and pets. As per the latest stats vaping accidents account for over 216 accidental poisoning cases every year. It is also vital to avoid vapes that contain THC at all costs. You must also not add additional substances or modify the vaping products you buy from the original supplier.

Can You Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes

There is no solid evidence to establish that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking. However, some experts studies show that they can reduce nicotine addiction levels by a small percentage. You also stand the risk of getting addicted to vaping by using this as a method to quit smoking.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to buy smoking products online, it’s vital to choose a good website that only sells high-quality branded cigarettes. Cheap brands may not follow quality testing standards. You could even sustain fatal injuries by smoking harmful chemicals in cheap smoking products.

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