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Top Ten Tips for a New Foster Carer

Becoming a foster carer is an amazing opportunity to make a real difference in the life of someone who needs it the most. However, before you begin, there is a lot of information to take on board, and this can be overwhelming. These top ten tips will help anyone start their journey the right way.  

Pick a Supportive Agency

The fostering agency you work with will make or break your experience, so it is important to make the best call. Find an establishment like the Fostering People with a wealth of knowledge, multiple support avenues, and a great team to enable a smooth transition.


Let Go a Little

Whether you have a rigid idea of what you want from the process, or you are someone who is open minded, it is always better to let go of preconceived ideas and give yourself over a little. There will be things you never expected, and this is just a part of the beauty that comes with being a foster carer.

Prepare Your Home

If you are ready for anything, you will feel in control when the time comes to welcome a child into your home. Therefore, setting up their bedroom, and stocking the food cupboard, is a no brainer.


While you may not receive lots of information about a child before they move in, it is a priority to seek out the relevant documents as soon as you can. Knowing more about who you are looking after will make the job easier.

Work on Communication

Communication is a top skill for all foster carers, so it should be something you work on every single day. It is not just about how you talk with your support team, but also about ensuring you are communicating well with your foster children as well.

Plan Some Fun Time

Sometimes, breaking the ice is easier when you have an activity to focus on. If you make space for something fun, it will both lighten the mood and make the transition easier for everyone involved. It could be something at home like cooking their favourite meal or getting out and about in the local area.

Avoid Confrontation

Confrontation is a natural part of parenting, regardless of the circumstances. There will be tension to navigate, but it is essential that foster carers step away from confrontation and lean into their empathy and nurture instead. Picking a fight will only stunt growth.

Set Boundaries

With solid boundaries, it is easier to build trust. Trust is the foundation of every strong relationship and a foster carer’s job is to create a safe environment above all else.

Have Time for Yourself

Don’t forget to take some time out every now and then. Self care is a great thing to model for any child you look after, and it will ensure that your mental health is taken care of as well.

Create a Strong Support Network

Finally, create a strong support network so that you never have to feel alone. This is extremely important for all new (and veteran) carers.

Finding your feet as a new foster carer is an exciting time. There will be lots to do, so it’s time to show up and dive in.

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