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Top Trends Of The Beauty Industry Through the Decades

Beauty is a difficult thing to pin down. Between makeups, treatments and procedures, we are always on the lookout for the next way to look our best – and the last few decades have illustrated the changing tides of aesthetic and beauty science more than most. Transform Hospital Group examined some of the key ways in which looks changed through the last five decades, giving a unique window into the history of beauty treatments and the marvels of modern procedures. Here are some ways in which the beauty industry has adapted to, and indeed changed, the times. 


Infographic shows how beauty trends have changed through the decades. Credit Transform Group

The Eighties

While it is true that each decade has its own signature aesthetic, there’s something about the 80s that sticks out above all else. Alongside the electric-blue lipsticks and severe eye shadow, collagen made its way into the mainstream skincare market, becoming a wonder ingredient in all manner of never-before-seen anti-aging products. While plastic surgery had existed millennia prior, and became more popularised in the preceding decades, the eighties was the first decade for the facelift – a revolutionary procedure that saw the beginning of beauty procedures as an accessible form of treatment. There’s also another invention at the end of the decade that changed a lot in aesthetic teeth improvements called invisible braces. This saw a dramatic change in cosmetic dentistry and the way people viewed oral health. Today, people are often opting for invisible braces in Dubai as it doesn’t disrupt their usual appearance while they are improving the health of their teeth. For instance, people who have a career in the public eye would often choose this option to maintain their image while getting necessary dental treatments.

The Nineties

Advancements in facial procedures continued apace into the nineties, where the rhinoplasty – or ‘nose-job’ – truly had its moment. An aesthetic ideal for the nose was born in the 90s, with global celebrity sensations like Posh Spice, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston all sporting that signature narrow bridge. Meanwhile, makeup trends saw the return of nightshade-red lipsticks, paired with heavy mascara.

Nose jobs are still extremely popular among people who want to refine their facial features. Residents of the Big Apple are still often looking for surgeons who are experts in rhinoplasty in New York City to fix any imperfection they think their noses may have. Moreover, this procedure can help people who have trouble breathing due to structural nose issues such as fractures or malformations..

The Noughties

Non-surgical beauty interventions saw a leap in development in the noughties, with the present-day mainstay that is hyaluronic acid officially introduced commercially. This, alongside new developments in antioxidant creams and the improvement of UV-blocking creams, put a heavy emphasis on skincare as a central part of any beauty regime. 

The Teens

In the 2010s, dermal fillers in the form of implants and injections became much more mainstream, with high-street beauticians and dentists offering cosmetic procedures to create a fuller face. The trend was made all the more popular as social media platforms exploded, in turn creating a new form of celebrity exemplified by Kim Kardashian – the influencer. The Kardashian sisters’ swift adoption of cosmetic treatments led to many looking for the same results.


In the present day, the ubiquity of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is unprecedented. New treatments and procedures are always in development – and with plump, glowing skin a major part of the Twenties look, smaller procedures like microneedling are winning out over other options. Makeup contouring has given way to a more natural aesthetic, with earthy skin tones and an emphasis on the skin itself.

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