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Top 5 Ways To Be A Great Host

Hosting friends and family at home is more than a social occasion; it’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories and bond better with those you love. Your role as a host goes beyond opening up your home. It’s more about the steps and measures you put in place to curate a positive experience that leaves your guests marveling at the warm welcome. Whether you’re organizing a party or hosting an intimate get-together, you can be sure that about 60% of the people you invite will turn up, making it essential to be well-prepared. Here are five top ways to be a great host if you’re having people over.


Prepare a warm welcome

A warm welcome is the first experience your guests encounter from the moment they walk through your doors. Beyond the warm and inviting atmosphere, greet them with a firm handshake, a genuine smile, or a hug – the latter will, however, depend on the kind of relationship you have with them. People are usually discerning and can tell through your non-verbal actions if they’re welcome into your home or not. Therefore, you may want to hold on to any hosting activities until you’re in a good mood and can project positive emotions. A warm welcome also includes a well-presented entryway with neatly organized space, which sets the tone for a great home hosting experience. It would be best to anticipate your guest’s needs even before they arrive. That way, they will know you put a lot of thought into their welcome. For example, with winter around the corner, have a designated area for them to store their winter gear when they arrive. Your home must be warm enough to keep them comfortable when they remove coats, scarves, and hats. A hot mug of tea, coffee, or other beverage will be ideal.

Plan thoughtful activities

Guests at home can easily get bored when you fail to engage them in pre-planned activities. Receiving them means you are partly responsible for their entertainment throughout their stay. Apart from providing food and drinks, an entertainment unit wouldn’t be a bad idea. Make it a point to occupy their free time with entertaining TV shows, music, games, or others. However, that line of entertainment can quickly become monotonous, and before you know it, your guests will be looking for other ways to be in high spirits. The first thing you must acknowledge is that your guests may have different interests; therefore, doing the same thing every day may affect you as a good host. Consider a mix of interactive games that align with the occasion or the season. Conversation starters are excellent ways to keep the momentum going. Even better, carefully plan themed activities that align with the occasion to get everyone involved. Admittedly, it can be challenging to get it right when your guests are of varying age groups. Therefore, it’s best to know well in advance the people you’re expecting so that you can plan accordingly.

Organize your entertainment areas


It’s not enough to plan thoughtful activities as a host responsible for keeping guests in a happy mood. The physical environment plays a significant role in making that happen. Pay closer attention to all designated areas for entertaining your guests. If your space is cluttered, with piles of boxes stacked away in a visible corner of entertainment areas in the home, this can hinder the ambiance you want to create. Look for out-of-place elements that detract from an inviting atmosphere and cast a negative outlook on your role as host. Rearrange the furniture in your entertainment space to place more focus on your guests while solidifying your role as host. It’s best to position every piece of furniture in these spaces in ways that restrict or limit unpleasant physical distractions. For example, sitting close to open windows on a windy day means your curtains will blow in all directions, and your guests may not enjoy the entertaining atmosphere you wish to create. Therefore, put a lot of care and thought into the process when you spruce up your entertainment areas.

Cater to dietary preferences

When planning to host guests, don’t assume that everybody can eat what you consume on any given day. As a welcoming host, consider guests’ dietary needs and preferences to avoid any mishap like an extreme reaction to shell food. It is recommended to inquire about any food allergies, restrictions, or preferences weeks before guests come around. Doing this helps you plan your menu accordingly, and you will have the opportunity to provide a variety of dietary options. That means nobody gets left out of the culinary delights on offer.

There is more to catering to your guests’ dietary preferences. It shows your dedication and commitment to your role as host. Doing this tells your guests you care about their safety, especially regarding the meals they consume while in your care. Not many people go to great lengths to attend to their guests’ dietary preferences; you can be a host with a difference.

Stock up on essentials


A successful host is usually a prepared one, and it all begins and ends with keeping an ample supply of essential items. Necessities like toilet paper and all other bathroom supplies must be ready before guests arrive. Avoid inconvenient shortages that may prove problematic later on. Another area to concentrate on is the kitchen and essential supplies needed there. Ensure you have enough snacks, beverages, and adequate pantry staples to accommodate your guests’ needs and preferences for their period of stay.

Stocking up on essentials demonstrates your hosting foresight while showing guests that you remain focused on creating a comfortable stay for them and that you care about their needs. Avoid the stress of scrambling for last-minute provisions when your guests are a few minutes away or have already arrived. This way, both you and your guests can have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

With the above tips, you’re sure to be an excellent host your loved ones won’t forget anytime soon.

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