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Towel Radiators & How Their Material Determines Heat Output


There are many different types of radiator, and each of them have different functionalities. There are the stunning column radiators that help heat large rooms from top to bottom, and then there is the humble towel radiator which actually does a lot more than just dry your towels. Towel radiators, though common, are extremely useful and their ability to heat your bathroom is second to none. These heaters can be made from different materials though, and they can determine their heat output. Keep reading to find out more…

Stainless Steel

You’ll probably find that a professional radiator fitter will always recommend going for stainless steel. Even though chrome is a popular choice, they’re much more likely to go for the stainless steel instead. Stainless steel isn’t that much more expensive than chrome, but it does cost a little bit more. The reason why stainless steel is one of the best materials, is that it’s extremely resistant to the elements and rusting. If you think about how damp, wet, and humid a bathroom is most of the time, it only makes sense to go for something more durable.

It’s also argued that stainless steel conducts way better than any other material, allowing you to heat your bathroom up quickly. This material is also fantastic at retaining heat, so you won’t need to leave it on for as long as the heat will emit long after it’s been turned off. With all of this in mind, it only makes sense that stainless steel towel radiators are one of the best choices when it comes to durability and heat output.

Mild Steel

Although different from stainless steel, mild steel is also great at conducting heat. It tends to be slightly cheaper than stainless, so it might be more appealing to you. Mild steel can also be made into lots of different shapes as well, giving you a wide range of designs to choose from. It’s worth noting that mild steel radiators are a little more prone to rusting, so you may need to replace it more often than a stainless steel one. However, as they’re pretty cheap in comparison, it’s not that much of a sting when the time comes. As good conductors of heat, you may find that their heat output is just as good as a stainless steel option. When looking for a towel radiator, this is what you want. A radiator that can heat up quickly and efficiently to ensure that the whole room is warm when you need it to be.


Chrome towel radiators are said to have one of the lowest heat outputs on the market. It’s said that they emit between 20% and 30% less heat than other materials, demonstrating just how inefficient they can be. Although chrome can look great and the design may suit your bathroom, it’s not worth going for something that barely heats the room and costs you more money on your energy bill. Bathrooms tend to have chrome finishings, but that doesn’t mean stainless steel won’t look good in comparison. In fact, you can find lots of stainless steel towel radiators that have a chrome-like finish, allowing them to match up with the overall look.

Choosing a towel radiator isn’t that difficult when you know which one will heat your bathroom the best. Steel, in either form, seems to be the best option all round, as it’s a brilliant conductor of heat, which is exactly what you need. Towel radiators, though small, can be very powerful when you choose the right material, and they can totally transform your bathroom. So, make sure you check out what towel radiators are on offer near you, and you’ll soon be enjoying a lovely toasty bathroom all year round.

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