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Top 10 Traditional Cuban Dishes

Tradition, tradition, and tradition! So many of them, so different ones! Have you ever consider visiting a Cuban restaurant? Those are famous for their music, dancing and of course so many cocktails, you can’t even try all of them! But have you considered trying the food? If you haven’t so far, now it’s the time to do so! Rocío Cano, from educational group tour operator for Cuba, Alandis Travel, says that Cuban food is one of the biggest reasons people visit the island.

It is very different, delicious, and the best part is that it feels like home! Beans, rice, potatoes, veggies! As almost all South America’s dishes, but still, very unique!

Life is short and beautiful. There are so many things to try, so why don’t you challenge yourself and try a different cuisine every week? Reserve Cuban for next Monday! Enjoy!

Black Bean Soup



This delicious soup counted both as an appetizer and a meal will just warm your heart and soul. Beans are very well known for their healthiness and taste. We suggest this dish for your free weekends since beans need time to be prepared but the soup itself is very easy to make. Try it out.

Ham Croquetas



You have probably heard or even tried this dish already, but it seems to be one of the favorites when it comes to Cuban cuisine. They are usually fried and filled with ham, and by your choice you can add cheese, or any kind of grounded herbs, just so it gets that healthy, filling taste. Enjoy!

La Empanada



Kids love it so, we do too. Of course, you can prepare your own dough but for a quicker result, you can do already made one and fill it with chicken, sauces, mushrooms, anything you would like. Cuban style is very delicious, so check the recipe.

Pork Chops With Mojo



This is a great combination since we all know how delicious pork can be. But it’s not only about the pork. The traditional Cuban sauce mojo has a taste of orange and lime juices which gives the dish an incredible charm. You can have it with rice, potatoes, salad…anything and anyhow you like it!

Shrimps With Cilantro Cream



Spice it up, spice it up! This is just fabulous! Shrimps in combination with this sauce is a jackpot. With salad or rice, doesn’t really matter. Just make sure there is plenty of this sauce so you can try and enjoy something you never did before!




A must! If you decide to try traditional Cuban cuisine, you can’t miss this dish! First or last, it is gonna blow your mind! The recipe is easy, it goes quick and it is actually cheap, no matter where you live! Indulge it.

Roasted Pork Sandwich



As we all have a traditional dish that is known everywhere, roasted pork sandwich could be counted as one. You have all tried it but you had no idea where does it come from! Well, mystery solved! You can have a variety of combinations but make sure you add some kind of sauce and juicy vegetables. It is sure better that way!

Ropa Vieja



Grounded beef or even chicken breast, depends on what you like better, makes a perfect dish when soaked in tomato puree which is already mixed in many more vegetables. With rice and potatoes, it does make it a dish suggested in healthy diets. Nom Nom!

Garlicky Chicken



Garlic? Chicken? What is there not to like? First, you will just love the smell of this dish. Second, can you even imagine what kind of heavenly taste the garlic give to it all? Don’t forget how healthy the garlic is. You will love it!

Sweet Caramelized Plantains



Sweets time! This is usually fried and it is actually a banana! It is used as a side dish and there is no Cuban restaurant that is not serving these plantains! They are very sweet and we all love that! Bon Appetite

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  1. Thank you for posting the Cuban recipes that for me have been a staple, for us food is not just sustenance its family for we are known to still keep our most important meal supper to have all family members be present. My beloved Mother passed a few years back and the dishes that she made for us are still present in each Holiday and Family gathering . Food speaks to the soul as well as to our stomachs. If you dare to be adventures try one or all of posted recipes I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, Buen Aprobecho.


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