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Upcycle Your Kitchen By Replacing Cabinet Doors


If you are looking for an easy and budget-friendly way of upcycling your cabinet without overhauling them, you’ve come across the right place. In this blog, we’ll be talking about upcycling cabinets specifically by updating their doors. A few of the things we’re going to tackle are budget kitchen cabinet doors replacement and how to replace kitchen cabinet doors. If you are looking for kitchen cabinet doors in Canada, there are a variety of cabinet doors for a kitchen that is ready to buy in the market. But for kitchens with cabinetry that are a little complicated or have an uncommon design, finding replacement cabinet doors in Canada might be a challenge. But the good thing is you have the option to hire a designer and contractor to create custom cabinet doors for the kitchen and paint your own kitchen cabinet doors. If, on the other hand, you are considering doing it yourself, here are a few pointers to take note of.

Changing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Changing or upgrading the cabinet doors is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen while still giving it a huge makeover. Here’s how to do it.

1. Reface kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet doors refacing is a method of removing the drawer fronts and doors and placing a new layer of veneer on the cabinet’s surface. When refacing or changing cabinet doors in the kitchen, not only the doors are updated but also the hinges, hardware, handles, and drawer pulls.

Cabinet refacing cost less than replacing your entire cabinetry with a custom build. It is also a project that you can DIY although you always have the option to hire someone who is a cabinet refacing pro.

2. Update hardware for kitchen cabinet doors

Whether you’re building your own cabinets or simply replacing the doors on your existing ones, you’ll need to know how to calculate the thickness of kitchen cabinet doors. Knowing the size of your cabinet will help you determine what kind of hinges would work best for your cabinets.

If you are planning to do a quick and easy update, upgrading the hardware will make a massive change in how your cabinet will look. Brass is the most popular metal utilized for kitchen cabinet pulls and handles. Unlacquered brass hardware will only grow better with age so it is a great choice if you are looking for something that will last for a long period of time.

3. Pick a material for the cabinet doors

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets material is another factor that will affect how your cabinet doors will look. We’ve seen a lot of kitchen cabinet wood doors in various kitchen makeovers and wood still ranks as the top most popular material for cabinetry. However, there are new materials that have been utilized too. Some of these are MDF kitchen cabinet doors, thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors, and laminate cabinet doors. When selecting materials, know the characteristics and pros and cons of each of them to better assess the ideal material for your cabinet facelift project.

Cabinet Door Fronts Styles

There are so many different cabinet door types, and designs on the market to choose from. Selecting the best is critical because it will affect the overall design of your home’s interior. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular kitchen cabinet door kinds for your project.

Unfinished cabinet doors

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are almost entirely constructed of wood, which is left in its natural form with no stain, varnish, or paint treatments. If you choose to opt for an unfinished cabinet door, you have the option to paint it or varnish it according to your desired taste or style. It is also cheaper than prefabricated cabinet doors.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors

If you prefer an entirely new look, go for a glass cabinet door. Glass-front cabinets can provide the impression of depth, specifically if they’re backed by a mirror, making your kitchen appear larger. Positioning glass front cabinets near windows provide light as well as a mirrored view.

Shaker kitchen cabinet doors

We all know how popular shaker cabinets are. The simple and unassuming door adapts itself to any design style, from rustic to highly modern, which is what makes this style so appealing. Shaker cabinets complement any space, including the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.

Sliding kitchen cabinet doors

This type of door is simpler and less expensive to construct than swinging cabinet doors. Sliding cabinet doors are great for individuals who are working on a budget since they are completely devoid of hardware, with the exception of a handle.

Flat kitchen cabinet doors

Flat cabinet doors or panel kitchen cabinet doors, give any kitchen or bathroom a contemporary appeal. There are no bevels on the door’s front surface and its corners are 90°. This type of door is perfect for contemporary and minimalist kitchen spaces.

Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is the simplest way to completely transform the look of your kitchen. We hope you find this short blog helpful for your next kitchen upgrade project.

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