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Using Tarot cards as Guides in your day-to-day life


When should I commence my own venture? What should I know more about this guy I met a few days ago? Should I stick to the deal or try getting a better offer? Why am I being skeptical about this prospective job opportunity? So, thousands of questions, and tarot has all the answers!

Using tarot cards as guides in everyday life is a mystical and practical tool for precise decision-making and intuitive reasoning. Almost everyone is born with supreme intuitive abilities; therefore, tarot cards help bypass pitfalls, discover unseen scopes, and ensure genuine hunches.

Tarot isn’t about using spreads and finding readings; it’s a tool assisting you in believing your intuition daily. So, without further ado, let’s see the possible ways to use tarot cards as guides.

1.   A tarot card a day

You may shuffle your yes or no tarot deck at the beginning of the day and ask yourself what you should know today! Once shuffled, pull a tarot card and link it to what it represents to you. Remember the message on the card you pulled as you go about your day.

You might discover that it offers sound counsel, caution, or a reminder of who you really want to be. However, for example, The Page of Cups can advise you to maintain your enthusiasm throughout the day and look into fresh creative endeavors that will let you express yourself more thoroughly. Consider how the advice from the Tarot card helped you and what you discovered along the way as the day ends.

2.   An Elevated Self-Hotline

This enhanced self-hotline is ideal when dealing with challenging decision-making and a challenging person. You could also use this to tap into your intuition on a crucial matter but avoid conducting a complete tarot reading.

All you need to do is to take a deep breath to untangle your mind, and after that, pull out one card from the deck and claim guidance for your specific situation. For additional insight, consider the card’s message combined with how the situation seems to you intuitively. After that, decide on a single step you’ll take to solve your situation.

3.   The calm-me-down card

Take a moment to settle yourself with a Tarot card whenever you feel harried, distracted, agitated, or confused.

First, take a few calm breaths and focus on the seat in front of you. Feel how the weight of your body on the chair and the contact of your feet with the soil bind you to it.

Then ask, “What am I dealing with right now?” and pull a card from your Tarot deck.

This card isn’t meant to tell you why you feel this way or how to improve things. It just serves to bring your attention back to the present and help you become more aware of your current situation.

4.   Play the card-resolution game

Pick out any cards that stand out to you as problematic as you go through your deck. Please spend some time with them to understand how you came to that conclusion. Then, after going through the deck once more, choose one or more cards you believe will help resolve those challenging cards.

You can learn a skill from this game to apply to your reading. When a challenging card appears in one of your readings, and you wish to assist the seeker in resolving the situation, you can recommend a card that will challenge the card’s counterbalance.

Apart from all the ways to use tarot cards in your daily life, these are the 4 absolute ways to comprehend your intuition and get the most out of the tarot deck.  

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