Top 10 Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas

Are you living in the urban apartment, or you have a small yard and you don`t have enough room to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs or flowers?

Don`t worry about that we are offering you a ten cool ideas for vertical gardening that would save you a lot of space. Some of the options are very stylish and you can make it by yourself using chip materials such as pallets, pipes, crates, baskets, pots etc.

These vertical gardening ideas do not requires much space and they can be made in various styles to suit your need. Moreover, they can be easy implement and maintained.

But if this is not enough ideas you can came up with your own and share your comments with us. So, what will be your choice for vertical gardening?

1. Vertical Bottle Garden Idea



Bottles – you can find them everywhere, and instead of throwing them in the garbage you can recycle them according to this funky idea for vertical gardening. If you have an empty wall this would be nice way to decorate it and make it look wonderful.

2. Vertical Pyramid Garden Idea



Fantastic idea for vertical gardening of plants in the shape of pyramid, which you could make it very easy if you have some wood around your home. You can find step by step instructions with the dimension of used wood material.

3. Hanging Basket Garden Idea



If you have baskets in your garage you can hang them and create this simple vertical gardening idea perfect for your favorite flowers. Try adding colorful flowers to get a wonderful look of your space.

4. PVC Pipes Plant Garden Idea



Smart, low budget and very easy to perform vertical plan garden idea made from PVC pipes. You can use pipes with different dimension depending what you want to plant. They are often used for planting lettuce and strawberries. This idea is perfect for your backyard, moreover, will save you a lot of space.

 5. Creative Vertical Pots Idea



This is very creative and stylish idea for vertical gardening which looks like a tree on the wall. For this creation you will need only a couple of pots. It is perfectly decorative on the other hand you can make it in different form.

6. Vertical Crates Gardening Idea



Try to attach couple of crates in vertical line and you will obtain a great vertical edible garden for planting different vegetables such as chili peppers, lettuce, spring garlic, different herbs or anything you like.

 7. Standing Pallet Garden Idea



Another idea for gardening is this standing pallet which allows you to grow plant vertically. Pallets are also chip materials that can be found easily. You can make more of them and place it in your yard.

8. Felt Vertical Garden Planting Idea



This is an excellent solution to think about gardening. Making a living wall easily from felt or other king of cloth materials that would allow equal watering is a great idea for vertical garden.

9. Indoor Herb garden Idea



This is an excellent idea to grow your own herb in your kitchen. You can plant all kind of herbs (parsley, oregano, basil, thyme, mint etc.) that are usually using when you are preparing your favorite food and you will have it fresh at any time of the year.

10. Living Room Vertical Garden Design Idea



How about having a vertical garden fancy designed planter at your wall in your living room which looks more decorative and saves you amount of space? Great idea right! This is a perfect and stylish vertical garden for your indoor flowers.


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