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Top 10 DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

Everyone who lives in a house with their own yard is absolutely obsessed with gardening. This is one of the most rewarding home hobbies you can do. After all, there is no better relaxation than that quiet corner of a garden that gives us the chance to breathe in our natural surroundings and refresh our spirit.

When the weather is warm and sunny, we spend most of our time at this place and that’s why we want to make our outdoor space exclusively, peacefully, our very own. If you want to spruce up your garden we’ve got Top 10 DIY garden decoration projects that anyone can make, perfect for any size backyard. Set to work and personalize your garden with a dose of charm…you will be very proud!

DIY Colorful Vertical Garden On A Fence


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If you haven’t got the sharpest looking fence going all around the garden walling off the neighbors, or in the event of being restricted with little space, then one must go upwards! You will not only utilizing your space better but also making the outer walls look a lot better. Colored pots are a great way to not paint the entire fence and still have the rustic look. One afternoon should do the job and be ready for the family to enjoy the outside a bit better.

Vertical Pallet Gardening Table


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Staying on the vertical side of life, comes a super project that will assist your everyday planting, and everyday gardening as a whole. The folding table can be either opened or put away saving space. This would be instead of buying a fully-fledged gardening table restricting you from even more personal space. And in some cases, space is very valuable if you have a small garden area.

Pallet Gate & Trellis


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Respecting nature is ever so important and the more we step into the future. Salvaging wood should be key to anyone attempting to make a pallet gate and trellis. Not only will it give another life to unused wood, but also give a grandeur nature to your garden’s entrance – or simply if you’re planning a party and wish to impress your guests with your math skills and your inner handyman self. This could also give a little Mediterranean look adding warmth and a feeling of being on holiday from your very own garden, cozied up at home.

Mosaic Stepping-Stones


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Mosaics have always been in the heart of most gardens especially if you have, lying around, extra tiles that are cluttering your outdoor shed. The obvious option, stepping stones. And it will feel so rewarding when allowed to literally smash things into pieces. Heaven on Earth satisfaction. Place around the garden wherever you might please to brighten up the mood and also creating different textures and auras within your flowerbeds.

DIY Garden/Outdoor Lamps


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We believe most of us saw the big welcoming burglar, bright as the moonlight alarm, garden light at least in our lives. And on occasions well, that’s the only source of light within a beautiful outdoor space. This is a recipe for beautiful yet simple DIY lights that could be hung to pretty much anything as long as you have the right platform to hold it in place. Simply and beautifully marking the trees and the surroundings of your outdoors giving a sense of warmth and coziness. Perfect for the romantic wishing to enjoy the evening sky.

Garden Trellis


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Even if you are no longer living life as before but opted to get closer to the city center, nostalgia is a beautiful thing. And this way of incorporating history into the present surely is showing respect all the way. Using gardening tools your father or grandfather had in their gardens, fields or farms, could be reused and have a second life in your garden. Old tools are fantastic features that could be mixed with the new and not be out of place.

Hanging Basket Garden


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Ever been to shops and bought lovely baskets, bringing them home and thinking, actually, what to do with them? These will brighten the dullest wall you might have either front or back of the house or by an entrance door telling everyone who wishes to enter, welcome home. It will instantly add a splash of color and cater to anything suited for hanging baskets running down the wall.

DIY Outdoor Cabana


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You will be amazed at what a little elbow grease can do. Ever surfed the internet looking at fancy hotels and destinations for your next trip and already saw how comfortable you might be under a cabana overseeing the bluest of seas? Here is an idea of how to meet your dream holiday halfway. This could be the best ever $300 you would ever spend bringing dramatic changes to your outdoor landscape. Most gardens small and large could benefit from such a decadent feature.

 Mock Window


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Many simple and cost-effective ways exist to dress up the most ordained looking wall, fence or simply wishing to bring a little foliage to a window as you open it for the morning fresh air. You can experiment with as many flowers as one wishes and indeed lookout for big, bright, and bold life-giving plants. If you have children, it’ll be great to give some height in order for the younger ones to not damage your plants and flowers. The elevation is very popular making use of every space available creating your own little rainforest.

Water fountain


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There is something very special about hearing the sound of water within your garden. For meditating it is rather spectacular or simply whilst reading a great booking wishing for a peaceful mind. Can be very spiritual too. It adds great value to a garden giving a different texture look and feel. Any Shape and sizes are available depending on what you are looking but hopefully, this will give you ideas on how to start.

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