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Top 10 DIY Floral Garland and Backdrop Ideas For Your Home

Decorating our home is one of the most fun things one can do. Choosing the colors, the shapes, the patterns, everything has its own magic. In this article, you can see ideas about garlands and backdrops inspired by flowers.

The floral theme is always a good looking idea. Flowers are a beautiful thing, and no matter which one you choose for your home, it will make it look beautiful as well. One of the ways you can make a floral change in your home is the backdrops or garlands. If you like doing stuff on your own, here are ten floral ideas that you can try out.

1. Cocktail Napkin Flower Garland



For this project, you need cocktail napkins (in any color you’d like), scissors, ribbon, ruler, and reinforcement labels. First, you fold the napkin into a triangle three times and make a edges’ petal form. Unfold the napkin and arrange the layers into a flower. Hold the flower’s center and twist it to form a tip. Fluff the petals and repeat the steps until you’re done with all the flowers. The next step is to cut strands of ribbon, place a flower on a ribbon with the round label, measure a few inches and add another label. Tie the end of the floral and ribbon strands with a stick, metal rod, or wooden dowel.

2. Scattered Flowers



To make these lovely pink flowers, you need tissue paper sheets, scissors, masking tape or glue dots, and a blank wall. First of all, cut the tissue paper into sheets in 20″ or 10″ and fold them accordion-style, and cut one end in a round shape. Unfold the tissue and crumple the square end slightly. Make a double-sided masking tape by folding a piece of it around itself and place it on one end of the crumpled tissue paper. Stick the opposite end to the other side of the masking tape, and in that way, you’ll form a flower shape.

3. Paper Flower Lei Garland



For this project, you can get the free printables, and besides that, you’ll need twine, a large darning needle, colorful cardstock, scissors, glue, a round pencil or pen, white glue or tape, and a measuring tape, which is optional. Cut the cardstocks into flowers and bend the flower’s tab, and dry-fit the flower together. Apply glue to the tab and glue the flower together. Hod the bond until the glue hasn’t cooled enough. After you finish with the glue, curl the petals and plan the order of the flowers. The next step is using the baker’s twine, start tying knots, and add flowers. For more details, visit the website.

4. Tissue Paper Garland



For this amazing, pink floral garland, you only need three materials: tissue paper, wire, and tape. Cut the paper into petal shapes, pinch them in the center, add more of them and create a flower. When you get the desired shape, wrap it around and secure it with a piece of tape. When you are done with the flowers and the wrapping, take a piece of wire and push it through the flowers’ center. Secure them by adding one more piece of flower tape, and then you can hang them.

5. Spring Paper Flower Garland



For these colorful projects, the flowers and the leaves are made using gold, mandarin, azalea, botanic, and fairway sheets. There are 15 pieces of all designs and can be easily made using a cutting machine or cutting them by hand. The flowers are looped around a green ribbon strand and by glue put into place. Between them are glued the leaves. The garland is ideal to be placed on the entranceway or pin across the window. You need colorful paper, glue, ribbon, and scissors.

6. Flower Garland Wall Hanging



To make this flower garland, you have two options. The first one is to tie a double know around the top section of the flower stem and tie the flowers at equal intervals from each other. The other option is to sew twine through the flower’s base and repeat adding flowers. It will form a garland similar to lei. This garland is the perfect idea if you want to freshen up your home with something rather unusual. We are used to seeing the same decorations everywhere, but this one is really unique.

7. Paper Flower Wall



If you were looking for something that will take everyone’s breath, here’s the thing for you. This wonderful wall is really something special, and to make it flawless, you will need a lot of help. These rosebuds, waterlilies, and dahlias require only three materials: paper with color by your choice, glue, and scissors. Depending on the wall material, you might need both hot glue and a staple gun to secure the flowers. It will take a lot of time to make the floral wall, but in the end, the result will be so worth it.

8. Tissue Paper Flower Garland



The tissue paper flower garland is ideal when it comes to parties too. If you plan to make one and you’re wondering how to decorate your home for some partying atmosphere, give this garland a try. Make tissue paper flower in different colors. Fold the flowers in the middle and staple. Cut both sides in any shape you want – at an angle or a curve. Pull out the tissue layers until the flower is made, and after that, run a thick floral wire along with the garland and add glue onto every flower. End each side of the garland with a small loop of wire so that you can hang it.

9. Flowers & Bees



For this image, it is best to have papers with a pattern or an image. In this case, that is the flowers and the bees, but you can choose something else if you want to. First of all, cut the images and make the order you want the images to be. Flip them over and with scotch tape, stick them to a string. Don’t forget to leave some space between the pictures. Trim the string from the ball when you get the length you want, and the final step is to hang it on the wall.

10. Floral Wall



This floral garland isn’t the usual one, but it’s really unique, pretty, and probably the easiest on the list. Begin by printing the scanned flowers PDFs offered on the page, and make it on hard cardstock. You have few flower types here, but if you prefer, choose only one or two. Cut the flowers and tape them on a wall by rolling a piece of blue painter’s tape and attach it to the back of the flower. Use gold washi tape as a stem decoration.

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