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What Are the Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Ontario?


As a homeowner, you want to be confident that your home is protected from weather, accidents, and anything life can throw at you. You want to know that your insurance policy has you covered when you need it.

When you have to file a home insurance claim yourself, it helps to know what other homeowners like you have filed for in the past. For major claims, a public adjuster in Ontario or an insurance lawyer can help you with your paperwork, understanding your policy, and negotiating with the insurance company.

They have seen hundreds of claims, if not more, and they know how insurers are likely to respond. You can also benefit from learning about the most common property insurance claims in Ontario:

#1 House Fires

House fires are among the most expensive insurance claims you can make. While they may not happen with the same frequency as damage from wind, hail, or leaks, even a small kitchen fire can be expensive to clean up. House fires that lead to total losses can result in significant payouts.

The most common causes of house fires in Canada are:

  • Unattended flames or heat sources such as a stovetop or candle
  • Leaving cigarette butts burning
  • Issues with outdated and faulty wiring

#2 Leaks and Water Damage

According to some figures from the insurance industry, nearly half of all insurance payouts go to water damage claims. Water damage is usually the result of leaks in the bathroom, clogged toilets and showers that won’t drain, faulty fixtures (faucets), and pipes that have corroded or frozen.

Like fire, coverage for water damage is usually part of a standard insurance policy, but it is not the same as flooding or sewer backups. These are fewer common claims, but they can be financially devastating if you are not insured.

#3 Hail

Extreme storms can cause real damage to your home. Although severe thunderstorms may not last long, they can cause lasting damage. Hail storms can be quite common in Ontario. Plus, hail can wreak havoc on roofs and even shatter windows in extreme cases.

If you are concerned about hail damage, it’s important to keep your roof well-maintained. An old or neglected roof is one of the most common reasons insurers use to deny a claim. 

#4 Fallen Tree Damage

Fallen trees are another storm-related risk. With strong winds comes the risk of fallen branches or even entire trees coming down and damaging your home, vehicle, garage, or other structures on your property.

Make sure the trees on your property are healthy and that unhealthy trees are taken down appropriately.

#5 Flooding

Flooding was once less common across Canada. Homeowners would typically have to rely on government relief funds after flooding disasters because it was rare for insurance policies to offer coverage.

That is beginning to change as a growing number of Canadian cities are at highrisk of flooding, according to new mapping. A combination of floodplain development and the increasing frequency of extreme weather means many homeowners are at risk without knowing it.

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