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What Do You Need If You Want to Take Up Golf as a Hobby?

Looking for a fun and exciting hobby? Want to try something that will keep you fit and active? Taking up golf might be a good choice.

Here, we’re going to talk about some things you need to get started as a golfer. Read on to learn what you need to buy before heading off to the golf course.

Golf Balls

The first things you’ll need to start playing golf are, of course, golf balls. Make sure that you get specialized balls meant for golfing. They’ll have that little dimple pattern all across their surface.

This pattern’s important because it makes the ball more aerodynamic. The ball will spin better and go higher.

Golf balls come in tons of varieties. Getting Vice Pro golf balls is one of the best things that you can do to get started. They can go the distance and are suited for all types of players. Plus, since they’re inexpensive, they’re ideal for anyone on a budget.


A Variety of Clubs

Golf clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Most people decide to buy them as part of a set. You can usually buy them in a bag of 14 clubs. There will be:

  • Woods (the clubs with the largest, usually hollow heads)
  • Irons (with smaller and thinner heads than woods for a good spin)
  • Wedges (a subcategory of irons that are lofted really high for chips/pitches and sand pits)
  • Putters (for short-range knocking the ball into the hole)

This may sound like a huge investment, but it’s well worth it. Not only does golf change lives  – it’s also a great way to have fun and stay in shape. Your mental and physical health are well worth buying a set of clubs!

Tees and Markers

Tees are little pieces of plastic or wood. They’re usually white but can come in any color. You put the bottom into the ground and stick the golf ball on top of it. Once the ball’s elevated, you can hit it off the ground more easily.

Balls can sometimes also be taken off the green for several reasons. Usually, this happens after the player is done with a hole. They can then replace it with a new ball.

In order to do this right, though, you’ll need to mark the exact spot the ball was at. This keeps the game fair. A marker is a small circle made of plastic or wood. You put it where the ball was, so you can get the new one in exactly the right place later.

Both tees and markers are there to keep things fun and fair. You’ll need to pick some up online or at a local golf store. Luckily, they’re super cheap.

Apparel Made for Golfing

Most people go golfing in polos or tees. Khaki pants and jeans are common for bottoms. But there are some specialized accessories that you’ll need to get the game going smoothly.

The main thing you’ll need is cleats. This kind of shoe has little spikes on the bottom. Lots of people use them for soccer and similar field-based sports. But they’re necessary on the golf course, too.

This is because they help you balance the course. They let you plant your feet somewhere and swing hard while staying in place. You won’t fall over. But make sure that you get plastic cleats. Some courses won’t let you use metal ones because they’ll damage the green.

Gloves are also really important. They’ll stop you from getting blisters from the club. They also give you a better grip so that you can have stronger swings. They’re both a practical need and a tool that makes you a better golfer.


A Love for Challenges

Golf’s a challenging game because you’re competing against yourself. Even though you’ll be on the court with friends, you’re trying to beat your own high score. Their scores don’t matter (unless you decide to take bets or compare them).

You also are going to have to get up and move a lot while playing golf. You’ll need to improve your aim and posture to be more accurate. You can set goals for yourself and try to meet them.

Loving fun challenges is super important for any golfer, so make sure you’re ready to face them head-on.

Take Up Golf as a Hobby ASAP

Now that you know everything you need to take up golf as a hobby, it’s time to start swinging your club. Go grab everything you need, head over to your local club, and join a group of new friends willing to play with you. You’ll have a great time and get some exercise to boot!

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