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What To Wear to a Football Game: 5 Outfit Ideas for Men



Whether you’re heading out to the stadium, watching the game at a house with some yummy appetizers, or getting rowdy at a local restaurant, there’s a football look for every venue. From casual to sporty and sophisticated to full-fledged fan, these outfit options will have you looking dapper and appropriate no matter where you’re watching from. Not only are they comfortable and fashionable, but they feature clothing that fits in with this year’s fall fashion trends. An added bonus to these outfit choices is that they’re composed of garments that make for great wardrobe staples. Read on to discover five football outfit ideas for men

Outfit 1: Polo, Jacket, Jeans

This is a good outfit if you want to step up your style for a football game. A departure from the overly sporty, uber-fan look, men’s polos transition perfectly from the office to the game and from the game to happy hour. Not only do polos exude business casual style, making them appropriate for most work settings, but they also pair well with jeans. Layer this look with a bomber jacket or sporty golf jacket for cooler days, and voila!: the perfect football outfit that will look great both in and out of the football stadium.

Medium and dark-wash jeans with earth tones like tan, brick, and olive are always great choices in terms of color palette. When shopping for casual jackets, think of classic styles like bombers and sports coats in neutral colors, which will give you versatility for football season and beyond.

Outfit 2: Sweater, Jeans, Sneakers

As the fall football season turns into the winter football season, you might need something a bit warmer than a polo. Great for a chilly day game, a warm sweater and jeans give you a timeless, casual look that’s a step up from jeans and a hoodie. The polished look of mens jeans with a sweater like a cable knit crew neck, a slim-fit cardigan, or a V-neck will give you charm and appeal while being appropriately dressed for the weather and the game.

Best of all, when the game heats up and your body temperature begins to rise, you can easily remove your sweater, wrap it around your waist, and continue to cheer on your team. If you want to add a little fan spirit to this outfit, incorporate a pair of team socks or a team hat. Add a clean pair of sneakers and your look will be complete. Simple, smart, and sophisticated, you’ll stand out from the crowd in this classic ensemble.


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Outfit 3: T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers

This football outfit is a good one for both warm and varying temperatures. While jeans and a T-shirt are good for warm afternoon games, they’re also a great base layer for when day turns to night and the temperatures cool off. A good pair of well-fitting jeans with a solid slim-fit or V-neck tee creates a nice look. However, there is a caveat to the T-shirt suggestion: Ditch the oversized, ratty college tees and opt for a T-shirt that fits well in a neutral, solid color. A good pair of men’s sneakers in a faux leather or canvas finish will look great with this option while providing the comfort your feet need for all the walking you’ll do on game day.

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Outfit 4: Button-Down, Chinos, Loafers

If your football plans include dinner and drinks before or afterward, this is the look for you. You’ll handsomely transition from dinner to the game or vice versa in this smart look. This is also a great look if you’ll be watching the game from a suite or some other fancy venue. Chinos, which are a comfortable cross between jeans and slacks, look dapper with a fitted button-down. On game day, your chinos will pair well with a solid button-down or a fun, colorful, and patterned one if you’re feeling festive.

Chinos are best purchased in neutral tones such as charcoal, navy, black, or tan. These colors will give you versatility in terms of shirt colors and prints. Best of all, chinos are a good capsule garment that can be worn well outside of the football stadium, too; think date nights, church, parties, and even the office. Lastly, chinos always look best with a pair of loafers, which are one of the top men’s shoe choices for this fall.

Outfit 5: Team Jersey, Jeans, Sneakers, Hat

If you’ll be watching the game from your couch or without other obligations before or after the game, this outfit choice is acceptable. If you find yourself rooting for your favorite team on game day, who can blame you for wanting to don all your team merchandise? While this sporty look won’t transition well from the office or dinner to the game, it’s a perfect choice if all you have on the schedule is the game. With that, the perfect all-out fan look might feature a team jersey, coordinating hat, jeans, and sneakers. A comfortable, classic game-day style, the fan look is worn best when your team is playing.


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Football Looks That Transcend the Stadium

These fun football ensembles will give you the versatility to transition from school, work, happy hour, and date night to a football game. Whether tailgating, heading straight to your stadium seats, or watching from a house party or a suite, these outfit choices give you all you need to know about football attire. The name of the game in football fashion is sleek profiles, layering tops, well-fitting pants, and smart footwear.

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