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Why You Should Visit Fuerteventura For An Adventure Day 

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Fuerteventura is one of the eastern Canary Islands and offers an unforgettable getaway to the 12.3 million international tourists that visit. As the 

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve 

There are 701 biosphere reserves in the world and Fuerteventura is home to one of them! Declared a UNESCO Reserve in 2009, the landscape boats untouched U-shaped valleys and low mountains, along with pristine sandy beaches that contain a rich fossil record. The island’s geological features and volcanic activity means it has diverse and rich wildlife. 

The biosphere reserve is a learning place for sustainable development, opened to manage the changes and interaction between social and ecological systems. This includes strategies for conflict prevention and biodiversity management. 

Year-Round Sunshine 

The Canary Islands offer tourists consistent temperatures and sunshine on their holidays, averaging between nine and ten hours a day through the summer months of June, July, and August. Across the year, you can expect a blistering 3,000 hours of sunshine so it’s ideal for the sun worshippers among us that are looking to top up their tan. 

The Largest And Best Beaches 

Take your pick from a multitude of impressive beaches made from practically unlimited varieties of sand. Ranging from white sand looking like snow, volcanic black sand, and even multicolour grains of orange, red, and golden sand. Six of the world-class beaches in Fuerteventura have the coveted Blue Flag status, meaning they meet stringent environmental, safety, and accessibility criteria. 


The Perfect Cycling Destination 

If you’re looking for an exciting cycling holiday, look no further than Fuerteventura and the majestic mountain bike and bicycle opportunities. Follow roads off the northwest coast of Africa that offer unparalleled ocean views, sights of coastal towns, and small farmsteads. 

After a breathtaking ride, you can then enjoy a feast of beach activities from water sports and swimming to food and drink at a beach club. There are also opportunities for fitness classes, surfing, and tennis all on the beachfront. 

The Perfect Lookout Point 

The Mirador Astronómico de Sicasumbre is the first astronomical viewpoint in Fuerteventura, which offers stunning views over the island. The astounding night-time scenery makes the descent to the top worth it! You’ll also experience the strongest winds in Fuerteventura up there so be sure to pack a jacket.

You’ll need to follow a small trail that is marked but it should take you no longer than five to ten minutes. This astronomical viewpoint is the first step towards the Cabildo de Fuerteventura being included in the UNESCO Starlight Reserve Initiative.  As this isn’t a well-known tourist spot, you’ll likely have the place to yourself for completely unobstructed views of the landscape. 

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