When decorating our homes , we want to create an inviting and warm ambiance, so incorporating stone might not sound like a good choice for that. But, small stones, pebbles, give us a natural feeling of a place and although the stone is associated with hardness and cold, it can still bring warmth to your home if you use it sparingly and in the right places.  Weather in your home or in your garden, the small stone accessories can truly give you an earthy feel to your home, so we present you with the top 10 DIY projects with stones as decorative elements in your home.

DIY {Rock Picture Clip}

picture clip

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A DIY Easier Than Carrying Rocks in Your Luggage

A DIY Easier Than Carrying Rocks in Your Luggage

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Stone Lamp DIY


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DIY… River Stone Pillar Candles

River Stone Pillar Candles

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DIY Pebble Garden Balls

DIY Pebble Garden Balls

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How to Make a Unique Stone Heart

How to Make a Unique Stone Heart

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DIY Stone Sconces

DIY Stone Sconces

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How To Build A Fairy Castle

HowTo Build A Fairy Castle

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Project 1: Rock + Bowl + Flame

Project 1 Rock   Bowl   Flame

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A Beautiful Handcrafted Rustic Rock Vase Made From Something Very Unexpected


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