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Top 6 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Spring

Our skin suffers during the winter. Above all, the low temperatures damage the skin, making our hands rough and our faces dry and flaky. Additionally, central heating contributes to further dehydration. 

Therefore, when spring comes, the skin experiences a big transformation. The sebum production grows, the skin’s protective layer becomes stronger, but still, it requires special attention to fully recover from the winter.

Here is what you could do to help your skin shine during the warmer months.

Change to water-based formulas

As the temperatures start growing, our skin might react with redness or red bumps. That is natural, and can easily be treated with lighter creams and lotions. As previously mentioned, sebum production increases in spring, so it is best to avoid too oily lotions and moisturizers with petrolatum.

Keep exfoliating

Exfoliation is important at any time of the year, but your skin probably needs it most in the spring. It is because the skin begins regenerating in spring, and in the process, it discards the superficial layers that died out during the winter.

Therefore, massage your face with a gentle scrub once or twice a week, to help your skin reveal the younger layers and absorb lotions better.

SPF has to do with UVA, not air temperatures

The most common misconception people have about skincare is that they should use SPF lotion only when they go on a vacation. In regards to skin health, this is a terrible mistake. Long exposure to UVA dries out the skin, and even alters the DNA of cells in the skin’s upper layers, preventing their natural recovery.

The reason for this is the current state of our ozone layer. Due to environmental issues, we are much more exposed to solar radiation than our ancestors. And clouds or low temperatures can’t block the radiation. Therefore, regularly applying SPF to any part of your skin that isn’t covered by clothes is very important, especially during the spring.

If you have problems with sweating, the MiraDRY in New York treatment might be a game-changer for you. It eliminates sweat glands, preventing excessive sweating and leaving your skin dry and protected.


Supplements and Vitamins

Except externally, you should also take care of your skin internally. Above all, that means having a healthy diet, regular meals, and enough physical exercise. Also, you want to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and spring will bring a lot of fresh options to your table.

What is particularly beneficial for the skin’s metabolism is to supply your body with enough nurturing supplements. Vitamins A, C, and E are very powerful antioxidants and are great for your skin’s resistance as well as for your overall health.

Also, there is a variety of supplements to help your skin regain elasticity, such as collagen gummies. These gummies are probably one of the rare healthy sweets you can eat, and they will provide your body with just enough collagen it needs to make your skin look radiant and soft. 

Makeup: embrace your sweaty glow

During the warm months, one of the biggest issues with the skin is sweat. It messes up the powdery textures, making them look horrible. 

Unfortunately, sweating has an important biological function, and can’t really be stopped. Therefore, accept that skin with a bit of excessive glow is part of the spring season. 

What you can do is use Japanese blotting papers to gently remove glow from your face. Also, try to reduce makeup that blocks the pores, in order to let the skin breathe and avoid serious issues and pimples.


Spring is the right time for highly moisturizing products. You want to pick lotions with hyaluronic acid. It will deeply hydrate the skin’s layers, keeping your skin glowing, radiant, and fresh. 

Besides, your skin would be grateful if you adopted a set of new habits this spring, that would never leave it dehydrated again. For example, you could find the day and night skincare routines that make your skin happy. So, in the morning you could clean your face with micellar water and apply an antioxidant serum, moisturizer, and an SPF.

Then, in the evening, you could again clean the previous lotions and daily dirt, and apply retinol and thick layer of hydrating cream.

Also, perhaps this spring you can allow yourself to experiment with new natural ingredients. For example, the so-called silver ear mushroom (a.k.a. Tremella) recently revolutionized the skincare industry. Products that contain extracts from this mushroom are 400 times more powerful moisturizers than an ordinary hyaluronic acid lotion. It is because the Tremella particles are much smaller, and are much more easily absorbed by the skin.


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