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Top 10 Best Tutorials on How to Curl Your Hair With Flat Iron

Curly hair is a great hairstyle if you want to make some changes and bring novelty to your everyday hair routine. It is giving some extra volume and looks fresh and playful. The flat-iron techniques for curling your hair are quick and easy to follow and to make it, even more, easier we collected the best 10 tutorials.

We don’t recommend you do this every day because it can damage your hair, but if you do this occasionally it is not a big sin. Protect your hair with some spray or conditioner and heat those irons! You will look dazzling and everyone will notice the change! Have fun with these tutorials and tell us what are your results!

Beachy Waves


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Are hair curlers worth it? We have found that a flat iron will actually hold the curls much, much longer. As a matter of fact, they could last until the following morning even after going to bed with them. The curly iron only held the wavy look for up to an hour or so and on top of that had to use a lot of product in the hair which for one is never a good idea if you wish to keep your hair as natural looking as possible. So, do give the flat iron a try if you wish to go curly. We believe you won’t be disappointed.

Voluminous Curls With Hair Straightener


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According to popular vlogger Kayley Melissa, this very technique of curling your hair is somewhat guaranteed to be a success. There are a lot of videos out there telling you the “how-to” however, not all work in real life and in practice. So, we reckon this could be a new way of creating curls. We would always say that you must try out one particular way then replicate according to what your hair tells you. There are different hair types and sometimes hair responds differently. This tutorial is all about getting full voluminous curls without the twist method most tutorials would demonstrate.

Mermaid Curls


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This is another example using the mermaid method that means taking smaller strands of hair one at a time. A longer method perhaps that could depend on your hair type, get a better result than the above beachy waves step by step. Do this by clasping the straightener to your hair and curl your hand outwards as if you’re turning your house doorknob. Curling your hair can have a significant look overhaul, however, your hair will end up looking sorter. So, to maintain a long hair appearance, it is best to only curl the last 4-5 inches of your hair instead of near the roots. Again, this all depends on how long your hair is exactly.

Retro Vintage Curls


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Who does not want a little Hollywood in their life? The vintage wavy curls have a 50s style to it and straight from a movie set, and are still on top of our list for having hair looking absolutely ravishing in simple splendor. Give your hair half an hour or so and the curls will become less apparent, and this is exactly what needs to happen. They need to slightly fade away giving a much more natural wavy look perfect for any occasion. Hairspray is required, and we would suggest using a light to medium hold.

Boohoo Curls


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If you have lovely thick hair then you are lucky! However, some of us are blessed with thinner hair. Beautiful to the touch, but with regard to curling them it could have proven a bit of a challenge. We reckon we have found something for you however, that could change things around and might just get you the curls you have been longing for! It is all about making little loops attached as close to your scalp as possible, and pressing the iron onto them. It’s a bit of work getting all those loops done, however, thereafter the process is dead simple and super quick. You ought to have curled the entire day and possibly until morning the next day.

Pressed Hair Roles With Iron


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You might have seen viral tutorials online and on social media of hair rolls with an iron going wrong. Very wrong; to the point of actually not only burning the hair but also taking a big chunk out of it! And you would not want this to happen to you! The tutorial explains very clearly the ABC of what must happen before attempting to curl your hair and it all starts with the iron being turned off to practice your skills prior to the actual thing. They explain different ways to go about it, as not just one style fits all and that’s great to see they have gone far and beyond to try to make the experience as pleasant as it could be.

S Wave Curls With Flat Iron


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For this technique, a one-inch flat iron is required – no bigger no smaller that’s the trick to getting things right in the first place. So before attempting anything on this top 10, you must make sure to have the correct tools to get to the wow factor. The wider flat iron gives you larger, wider curls creating a lot of volumes. If you wish to create a larger, more voluminous look, try to take wider larger sections to create a much loose look. If you were to take a smaller section, this will create a tighter curl pattern. We would advise you to try both, and see which one suits you best.

Braid Curls With Flat Iron


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Some hair types are very stubborn when it comes to asking them to curl naturally! It makes things even harder when we see in magazines or online perfect wavy, beach-looking natural curls glowing right in front of us teasing us! But what you might not know, is that these models have hair artists spending hours on end to make them look photogenic. If you have not got that luxury, then this could do the trick just fine! You might feel comfortable braiding your hair, and in fact, you’ll be more than halfway there. The rest would be a breeze. A fun beauty hack indeed that totally works.

Short Hair Curls With Flat Iron


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Ceramic plates flat iron works best for shorter hair as it is better quality, to begin with, and works the curls in ultimate effect. Also, you might have seen tutorials telling you to not straighten your hair immediately after cleaning it, but on this occasion, a fuller set of clean hair is the only way to achieve great curls and overall results. Once again, you might not become the expert you wished for at a click of a finger. It will take a few attempts to get this right so give it a go in your spare time.

Long Soft Curls


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Like in most professional areas of expertise, you might have heard that tools are indispensable and are 50% of the results, if not way more. The human touch gives the other 50%. Frankly speaking, there are hundreds of flat iron to choose from, so make sure to really do the research before splashing all those dollars around. Commercial beauty products can be an absolute headache to most. If you have a well reputable hairdresser, always ask their unbiased opinions; and preferably one that has been around a long time.

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