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8 Most Adorable Designer Dog Breeds


Although estimates vary depending on the source, there are hundreds of dog breeds spread among a small number of categories of dogs. While this seems like a lot, there are, in fact, many more breeds being created all the time. Many of these are considered what are known as “designer” breeds.

A designer breed is a result of crossbreeding two purebred dogs. A purebred dog is the result of generations of breeding to produce dogs that have the same look and temperament. Of course, they aren’t always exactly the same, but most litters come close. A designer breed is called that because a breeder or the adopter can choose which breeds they want to intersect. Designer dogs are very popular since you can essentially choose what you want to have. That includes looks but also temperament and personality. While you may have to pay a little more for a designer dog, they are tons of fun and incredibly cute. Here are the eight most adorable designer dog breeds.


A labradoodle might be the perfect choice if you are looking for a smart designer dog. It is a cross between the Labrador retriever and the Poodle, which are both considered intelligent breeds of dogs. They tend to have curly and shaggy fur that you will need to brush and groom regularly. Even though the maintenance is a little extra work, they are incredibly cute in their looks but also in their personalities. They can play for hours and provide unlimited love and affection for their pack. They also have the added bonus of being hypoallergenic.


A Goldador is a cross between two of the most popular purebreds there are: the Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever. You can get the best of both worlds from these two breeds. For one, your Goldador will be active and fun. They are very athletic and take well to training. They are used as guide dogs, guard dogs, and as police dogs. You can pretty much train a Goldador to do anything a dog can do. Plus, they have that friendly, innocent, and loving look and expression that retrievers are famous for.


The Pomsky has recently taken off in popularity, in large part because of how adorable they are. They look like tiny huskies, which makes sense since they are a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. They are tiny, so owners can tend to get them stuck under their feet, so make sure you take care when walking around your home. However, their size makes them a perfect choice for apartment or small home living. Make sure that you brush and maintain their beautiful coat every week or so to keep them looking sharp.


The Shih-poo is another small dog that can adapt to any situation. They can live in large homes, apartments, and everything in between. They can handle big families or having only a pack of one other person. The stereotype of poodles is that they love to be pampered and doted on, and Shih-Tzus are no different. They were originally bred as palace dogs centuries ago in China, so they have a feel for luxurious living. However, they don’t require too much activity as they are small, and their legs can only take them so far. You may find some in shelters, but if you like this designer breed then keep an eye out for shih-poo puppies for sale from a reputable breeder.


As you can see, poodles are very popular for designer breeding. There are good reasons for this. For one, they are very smart. Secondly, they produce very cute looks. The Maltipoo is part Maltese and part Poodle. They are small and covered in curly fur. Some Maltipoos almost look like toys. They do bark a lot, but they love attention and affection. A Maltipoo can stay active for hours, so if you like to have fun with your dog, this designer breed might be perfect for you.


The Chorkie is a tiny dog. They get up to 10 pounds at most but are often smaller. They need to be treated gently, but they still like to roughhouse and play. Chorkies are known for their signature long coat that requires regular brushing and maintenance, but that doesn’t shed much. They have a lot of energy and love to play, so you must be prepared to spend time with them.


The pug and the beagle are two of the traditionally most adorable breeds out there, so it’s no wonder that the Puggle made this list. The two breeds combined create an innocent and naive face that cannot help but be loved. They have tons of energy and love to run and play, just like a beagle. However, like pugs, they crave attention and snuggle time. They tend to have a medium-sized snout because of the pug influence but mostly don’t have a smushed-in look that is a signature of that breed.


Combining the Golden Retriever and the Poodle creates a designer breed offering everything most dog lovers want in their pet. Goldendoodles are active but not too active. They train well because they are very smart, and they love affection and attention. They are good with children and other pets and enjoy visitors and meeting people on the walking path. They also happen to be hypoallergenic. On top of all of that, they are incredibly attractive, with the snout and face of a Golden retriever covered in the curly fur of the poodle.

There are so many options for dog breeds, all with their own characteristics. With designer breeds, you can mix and match the attributes of different breeds to find the perfect dog for you.

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