Top 10 Animals with Big Eyes – Can they Be Any Cuter?

Animals are such magnificent and amazing creatures. They have an incredible range of characteristics. In nature, you can find anything you can imagine. Observing animals takes our breath away. Some animals have incredibly large eyes.

Creatures with big eyes look different. There is something special about them. Their expression of their big eyes looks cute, adorable, and just hard to resist.

Mammals, birds, lizards, different animals have big eyes. Some of these animals have an incredible size-to-body ratio. Their eyes take up most of their body.

So, let’s zoom in on different animals that have big eyes.

Tarsiers (Horsfield’s Tarsier)


These small primates have the largest eyes compared to any mammal, relative to their body size. Their eyes are about the same volume as their brain.

The Horsefield’s tarsier is a relatively small primate species. They have flurry body with thin limbs. What they lack in size, however, they make up in their ability.

They have extremely acute senses. As nocturnal animals, they use their senses to forage and feed at night. The Horsefield’s tarsier uses his sound to catch prey. Their leaping, jumping, and climbing abilities are among the top in the animal world.

The Sphynx Cat


In the amazing world of cats, the Sphynx has a special place. It is a uniquely cute animal. The Sphynx has very intense eyes, but almost no coat. And it makes her look naked. You instantly feel you want to take care of her.

The Sphynx looks cute as a kitten and as an adult. Quite popular as pets, the Sphynx requires minimal maintenance. But you cannot expose them to direct sunlight, as they can get a sunburn.

This cat doesn’t survive on her own in colder climates. She might freeze during the night.

Purple Spot Mantis Shrimp


These incredibly beautiful animals have a thin body. They measure up to 18cm long (7 inches). But what makes them special is their almost unique iridescence. They present a full rainbow of different colors.

Compared to the rest of their body, their eyes look enormous. Another unique ability is they scan their deep-sea environment in a way few other animals can. It is because their eyes can work separately and move independently. Their ability to scan the deep-sea environment helps them evade predators. But also to catch their own prey.

Bunny Rabbit


Who doesn’t love bunnies? They are super cute and adorable. And super popular as pets as well. And what makes them lovable is their unbelievably cute eyes.

Their eyes can have different colors, but normally they come in dark colors. Albino rabbits have red eyes and white fur.

Rabbits are very social creatures. They enjoy the presence of other animals/pets and humans. They love to cuddle, sit on your lap, and stay in your presence.

But once they get bored, they start digging their way out or chew on anything around.



In the animal world, dragonflies are on the top of the list of animals with bigger eyes compared to their body size. Their eyes cover almost their whole head.

Some species of dragonflies have more than 28,000 lenses per compound eye. That is a greater number than any other living creature.

They were among the first winged insects to evolve. Some reports date back 300 million years ago. They are expert fliers and can fly straight up and down. Dragonflies can hover like a helicopter and even mate mid-air.

If they cannot fly, they will die. As simple as that. Dragonflies catch their prey and eat while flying.



These creatures can see color exceptionally well even in a dim light scenario. Nocturnal geckos have superb vision. Fun fact: Their eyes are 350 times more sensitive to color at night than humans.

Geckos lack eyelids and use their tongue to keep their eyes clean. These small lizards live in warm climates throughout the world. They can range between 1.6 and 60cm in length.

In the world of lizards, they have a unique spot because of their vocalization. It differs from one species to another.

Some consider them dangerous. But geckos are not poisonous. They can, however, bit when stressed. Yet their bite doesn’t affect or pierce the skin.

Because they are docile and easy to tame, geckos belong in the popular pet category. They are one of the most popular reptiles to have as pets.



Here is another lizard on the list. And another good pet as well. There are more than 150 species of chameleon. Most of them live in Africa and Asia.

We recognize them for their ability to change colors, and ability to use as camouflage to evade predators. How can they do it? Chameleon change colors thanks to their guanine crystals located in their skin. These reflect light in different ways, creating changes in color patterns.

Their eyes are big but also unique in another way. Chameleon’s eyes can pivot 360 degrees and like the mantis shrimp, move independently of each other.

Zebra Back Spider


This spider measures only 7mm in length, making it one of the smallest animals in the world. Males are even smaller than females. The spider has short legs and a black body with white stripes. And that is where the inspiration for the name comes from.

This spider is unique in a number of ways. Yes, they belong to the group of animals with abnormally large eyes. And they have 8 of them. They have two main eyes on the front to provide binocular vision, and then six on the side of their head to allow for 360 degrees of panoramic sight.



There are more than 200 different species of owls. These birds are mostly solitary and nocturnal. Fun fact: the owl is a bird of prey. Owls can actually attack and eat falcon birds. They are bigger, and if they find a falcon during the night, they might eat him.

Owls see in the dark because their eyes have more flatform than human eyes. The only animals with better night sight than owls? Cats.

And the Great Grey Owl has bigger eyeballs than humans. But they cannot move their eyeballs. Instead, they turn their entire head in order to look to the side. Owls can turn the head ¾ of a full circle, or 270 degrees.

Giant Squid


The giant squid is an animal that lives in the furthest depths of the sea. It barely approaches the surfaces. The giant squid can reach 50 feet (15m) in length and feeds on fish and crustaceans.

This marine animal has the largest eyes in the world, measuring between 28 and 30 cm (11 and 12 inches).

Bonus: Dogs


We cannot ignore puppy eyes, can we? Dogs are just special creatures. They are man’s best friend. They have big eyes, but what makes them even more special is their expression.

Dogs’ eyes come in different colors, ranging from blue to dark. And when they look at you, you just cannot ignore them. You have to fulfill their wish. You give in and give them a treat or kiss.

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