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Top 10 Badass Dogs That Look Scarier Than Pitbull

Many casual people consider the Pitbull the most badass and meanest dog breed. But that is a misconception. Humans have made them dangerous. Pitbulls do not have an aggressive gene in them. Humans have bred them for dog fights because of their agility and muscular body. In reality, Pitbulls are cuddling babies that love their family.

And there are many dog breeds that can wipe the floor with any pitbull you throw at them. Pitbulls get a bad reputation because of myths about their locking jaw. These dogs do not have any special physical mechanism or enzyme that allows them to lock their jaw.

Today, we will look at some of the most badass dog breeds. And unlike a pitbull, you will have trouble putting them down. What would you do if you have to put down a 220 pounds Caucasian Shepherd?

These badass breeds have incredible speed, courage, immense size, and a strong sense of smell. Here they are.

Caucasian Shepherd


This is the dog breed you get when you need someone to protect and guard your house, yard, facility, or any area. His excessive softness does not tell the story. But this dog breeds looks like the biggest and meanest around.

His rustic character makes him able to adapt to every climate. He can adjust to anything you throw at him. Do not get fooled by his size. This dog is not a slouch. He is very active and can run around with ease.

And because he is highly suspicious of strangers, he is the perfect guard dog.



There is a reason police officers use Dobermans as guard dogs or police dogs. They look scary and mean as hell. The perfect guard dog has everything you need, medium to large size, intelligence, obedience, courage, and energy to top everything. Most importantly, he is always alert.

Cropped ears and a docked tail make them look even more badass. Some people do not want to crop their ears or dock their tails.

In any case, seeing a Doberman Pinscher will make you think twice before approaching a yard or facility.



Famous as one of the best guard dogs, the Rottie is actually a loving companion. But that doesn’t mean he will greet strangers with a wagging tail. You can calm down his aggressive and destructive temperament with proper training.

But the dog will remain to look scary, no matter what you do. Yes, some people get scared just of the sight of a Rottweiler.

Fun fact: these dogs were initially bred for cargo pulling. Their large size and strength have made them ideal guard dogs.



Here is another dog that looks scary because of its size. This large size domestic dog has a solid build and a short muzzle. Native to Britain, the bullmastiff is different than the previous dogs on the list. Why? Because he is usually quiet and rarely barks.

Yes, most people breed them as guard dogs. The dog comes in a fawn brown and red coat. Strong, tough, and large, the bullmastiff looks as scary as you can imagine. But they are not aggressive.

They are also famous as gamekeeper’s guardians.



We have to mention the wolfdog. Technically, not a dog breed, but he is still a half dog. Half shepherd dog and half-wolf, this wildlife dog is hard to train. He eats a lot, and you cannot keep him as a loving pet. But who would dare to break into your home with a wolfdog guarding the yard?

He comes in different sizes and coat patterns, depending on the shepherd part of his heritage. Famous for his aggressive nature, this dog is actually timid and shy towards humans.

With proper training, they can work as good companions of humans. But that requires a lot of training and expertise.

Cane Corso


Do you know that this dog breed served as a guardian for Italian mafia bosses? Native to Southern Italy, the Cane Corso is a big and scary dog breed. His stable temperament and powerful body make him a scary guard and protection dog.

Fun fact: you can stay around him for hours and he will not blink. But try to touch his owner, and he will react instantly. Another rustic type of dog, he can adapt to most environments.

He got famous for hunting of big game and for guard and protection work.



Can you imagine a dog hunting lions? Well, that is what the Boerboel does. This mastiff-type dog has its origins in South Africa.

As a large, muscular, and brave dog, he served as a reliable companion for lion hunters. He cornered the prey and then waited for his masters to finish off the work. He is a great guardian dog, but can also adapt as a family pet.

Dogo Argentino


Speaking of large dogs, you have to put Dogo Argentino on the list. Native to Argentina, this mastiff-type dog comes in white color. The muscular breed served as a hunting dog in Argentina.

Nowadays, we use them as service dogs, for police assistance, and even a guide dog for blind people. Dogo Argentino also comes useful for military work.

Many look at them as an aggressive breed, but with proper training, you can work out the aggressive traits.

Great Dane


If you want a large, scary, and badass-looking dog, that is the Great Dane. This breed holds the record for world’s tallest dog. Zeus, a Great Dane that passed away in 2014, stood at 3.6 feet at the shoulders and 7.4 feet while standing on the hind legs.

Many people refer to them as gentle giants. These dogs are the tallest, but they do not have aggressive nature. They might look scary, but they are not. He makes an ideal family pet with proper training and socialization.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog


This large breed serves as a livestock guardian dog. Do not confuse him with the Pyrenean mastiff. The Great Pyrenees looks like an imposing guardian. Devoted to his family, he doesn’t tolerate strangers. Males can weigh up to 160 pounds.

Courageous, loyal, obedient, and devoted to his family, he is the perfect family guardian dog. This dog will self-sacrifice when needed.

Fun fact: during World War II, these dogs hauled artillery over the Pyrenees to and from Spain and France.

He has a calm and well-mannered personality. Trustworthy and gentle, they can adapt to most scenarios. And when the need arises, they will not hesitate to protect their family and territory.

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  1. You’re right about Pitbulls some people make them look Vicious and it isn’t responsible for them.
    Pitbulls can be goofballs have loyalty and a happy life with their owners.
    But these other dog breeds to me they don’t look scary and mean they are true home guardians other people have these breeds as their true companions.


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