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5 Essential Dog Grooming Tips For Summer 

If you are a concerned dog parent, your search engine probably welcomed queries on the bestsummer grooming tips for your dog even before summer was on the horizon. 

Beach days and barbecues are associated with summer, but so are heat exhaustion and sunburn. And this is true for your dogs as well. So, you want to take extra care of your Fido.  

Here are some dog grooming tips that will help your dog this summer. 


Here are some summer dog grooming tips to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

1. Determine The Right Coat Length

But how does the coat length regulate the body temperature of dogs? 

Well, the paws work alongside the dog’s coat to regulate the body temperature. The coat acts as an insulator. 

However, this insulation becomes undesirable during the summer. With the insulation, it is difficult to lower the body temperature. But without the insulation, dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and sunburn.

So, what do you do now?

While it is not advisable to completely chop off your dog’s hair, you can achieve a happy medium by cutting it to a reasonable size. Leave at least one inch in length, so you and your pet can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about getting sunburned. 

But if you are new to holding a pair of scissors to your dog’s coat, you can watch one of the many videos that offer expert tips on dog grooming for beginners. 

But if you are still unsure, don’t let your dog look haggard with a scraggly haircut—take it to a professional groomer instead. 

2. Give Your Dog A Pawdicure, Or Not

Unlike humans, a season transition does not guarantee your furry friend a pedicure, but that doesn’t mean its paws are to be ignored. 

As responsible pet parents, we are always summer-ready—we hydrate our pets, never leave them in a hot car, offer them shade, and more. 

But we often overlook their paws.

Did you know? Dogs have sweat glands in their paws

As we wear sandals, the only heat that concerns us is the sun’s scorching rays. We completely forget about the hot, hard concrete underneath our feet. 

Apart from that, rocks, sand, gravel, and asphalt can hurt and damage your dog’s paws. 

So when taking your dog out for walks, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Never take your dog for a walk during the peak heat of the afternoon.
  • Do a quick test. Touch the path you are walking on and see if you can tolerate the heat for the next 5 seconds. If you can, your dog can walk on it; if not, it is too hot. 
  • Apply pad wax in between grooming sessions.
  • Give it a pedicure—get your dog’s paws hydrated, polished, and conditioned by taking it to a professional dog groomer. 
  • Invest in dog booties or shoes. 
  • Regularly examine your dog’s paws for debris, ticks, or thorns. 

Do you know something else that you can give your paw friend? The good old healthy diet. A well-balanced diet is an age-old remedy for a happy and healthy dog. 

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3. Brush Your Dog Regularly 

No summer dog groomingroutine is complete without brushing your dog! Brushing your dog’s coat has many benefits. And one of the most important benefits is that brushing keeps your dog cool. 

As the season changes, dogs shed their thick old coats and make way for a new one. This can be frustrating, as you have dog hair all over your house. 

However, with regular brushing, you can prevent your home from being a mess and help your dog loosen its coat faster. The coat will have much less hair, keeping your dog cool.

Brushing your dog strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Brushing your dog will keep its coat in the best health. It will prevent mats and distribute natural oils. It also reduces the chances of ticks and fleas and improves circulation in the outer layer of the skin. 

Also, brushing is inversely proportional to bathing. So, the more you brush, the less often you will have to bathe your dog. 

4. Space Out Your Dog’s Baths

Doggy baths definitely make it to the list of top summer grooming tips for your dog, but how often should you bathe your dog?

Just as we like to cool down with a cold shower, we presume the same to work for our dog friends. However, it can have the opposite effect. 

Too much bathing strips the dog’s coat of its natural oils, leaving the skin dry. It can also aggravate allergies and introduce other issues, like rashes and infections. 

A monthly bath is enough to keep your pup clean, happy, and healthy. Brush before giving a bath 


5. Clip Your Dog’s Nails 

Summers warranty outdoor playtime. This means your dog will rock and roll in mud, grass, sand, and whatnot and get a bit dirty. 

Sure, overgrown nails can collect dirt, but they are more dangerous as the nails can crack or break. 

Use proper grooming tools and clip off your dog’s nails when they start making a clicking sound or getting snagged on the floor. 

Wrapping Up

We can do so many things to keep our canine family members happy and healthy throughout the summer. 

While it may seem difficult, following our simple grooming tips will keep your dog summer-ready. 

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