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8 Tips For Reducing Energy Usage In Shopping Malls 


The energy bill has to be through the roof with the number of stores within a shopping mall. Think of it this way: all the lights are on, all appliances are plugged in, and they run the whole day, given how late the mall closes. 

However, store owners can look for ways to cut costs within their own stores even though they are situated within the mall. The shopping mall owners could change the building energy consumption by changing their utility provider to reduce energy expenses. Read more here on how this can be done. 

But for now, let’s dip into the tips that can make saving energy easier and cheaper. 

8 Tips For Reducing Energy Usage In Shopping Malls 

To reduce energy means making small changes to achieve the goal of saving on the electricity bill. Following these 8 tips can help reduce energy usage in shopping malls.  

1. Retro-Commissioning 

It is making all the equipment within the shopping mall more energy-efficient. This means changing how the equipment is used so that it uses less energy and doesn’t waste any. 

2. Programming Equipment 

Programming equipment and controlling them to monitor energy usage. This can be used to balance the amount of energy used. 

3. Retrofitting 

Replacing old faulty equipment is another way in which shopping malls can reduce their energy usage. 

They can also make changes to light fixtures such as replacing all bulbs with LED lights or opting for fluorescent light fixtures. 

Using motion sensors to have the light switch on only when people walk into dark spaces and have employers switch off unnecessary lights during the day when not needed. 

Using natural lighting is another benefit to avoid using energy. Installing big windows, opening doors and using sky lighting can allow natural light to shine through.  

4. Change The Environment Outside The Shopping Mall 

The environment outside the shopping mall can also help save on energy usage. Using natural resources like having trees planted outside can help keep the building cool when the sun is out. 

Trees can also help insulate the building on the cold days as it serves as a windbreaker and helps hold the heat inside the mall. 

5. Do Regular Building Maintenance 

Maintaining the building HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition) systems aids in preventing any leakage of air which would increase the energy bill. 

Insulating the heating and cooling system pipes can also help maintain the energy consumption at minimum as this means that no damage is detected and the systems will be working optimally. 

Changing air filters regularly can make a big difference in the rates you pay. This way you can prevent any damages or wear and tear on equipment which might make them faulty and try to work even harder to keep doing its job. 

Depending on the region that you are in, there are HVAC equipment settings suited to accommodate the climate and still operate properly within the shopping mall. 

6. Follow Up On The Rate You Are Paying 

You can look for cheaper rates and discount offers from utility providers if you are paying too much for the amount of energy that the shopping mall is using. 

There are many utility providers that can match rates and provide cheaper options for energy consumption needs. They can also offer other services such as package deals that might help you save on other resources and become much more energy-efficient. 

7. Switch To Alternative Energy Sources 

Switching to wind and solar energy sources is not cost-efficient and energy-efficient. This can also aid in shopping malls going green and becoming more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint. 

8. Do An Energy Audit 

Doing an energy audit can assist with knowing how much energy is being used and also assisting in finding ways to help reduce the amount of energy used. 

You can also choose to monitor your own energy consumption by installing devices which can read the energy usage and alert you to high readers. 


With the energy crisis in the UK and shopping malls being affected by the increase in rates and trying to save on usage, it can be a little tricky to keep all the lights on and still manage not to lose any business. 

These tips can not only help shopping malls reduce their energy consumption but also help other businesses curb the amount of energy that is being used. 

Using these tips can lead to a sustainable business and help grow energy-efficiency. 

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