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A Fantastic Focal Point For Your Home: Bar Furniture Is Made For Gatherings

Typically, the kitchen serves as the area where everyone gathers during holidays and gets togethers. However, that can be quite stressful for the host and cook, and can also result in rather cramped quarters if a large family is in attendance. However, with bar furniture, people tend to migrate toward the setup naturally. It’s exactly what bar furniture was built for.

A poolside get-together with friends or your family is usually a nice time, whether it’s for a celebration or just because. Setting up your home to house an outdoor bar makes it simple for your visitors to receive beverages without having to go too far away from the festivities. In addition to your permanent dry bar furniture, try to keep these bar setup recommendations handy when you’re organizing your next backyard party. If you still don’t have a bar already, check out some quality dry bar furniture online for some ideas and inspiration.

Location Is Everything When It Comes To Bars

Typically, the dry bar is set up on the patio or porch area, however, to provide extra room for your gathering, you can actually move a portion of the “bar” to a shady (or partly shaded) region of the yard.

If you’ll be partying during the day, ensure your additional bar set up is located in the shade to keep things cool and comfortable. Place it beneath a group of (sap-free) trees or cover it with an umbrella, gazebo, or shade sail for additional outdoor shade.

It Shouldn’t Be A Headache To Go To The Bar

It is highly probable that people will congregate around the bar. By setting up a dry bar in a somewhat wide area, you can prevent it from getting overcrowded. It’s important to have the self-serve bar approachable from both ends to keep things moving smoothly. The quickest way to end up with a lot of spilled alcohol is to have a traffic jam trying to get in and out of the bar area.

Add The Outdoor Bar Cart For Extra Space And A Way To Break Up The Crowd

Consider employing both a full-sized bar or the outside bar cart, especially if you’re anticipating a significant number of people to attend. Store easy-to-grab food and no-fuss beverages like bottled beer on the cart, which should be placed away from the counter (to break up the crowd). Another nice choice is a big, portable cooler with plenty of space if you don’t want to invest in an outdoor bar cart at the current time.

Keep It To The Classics And Simple Mixers That Anyone Can Make

Choose between classic spirits and mixers ( or something a little more straightforward when it comes to stocking the bar. Drink dispensers stocked with the punch or cocktail of your choosing, as well as beer and wine selections, make it simple for guests to serve themselves.

Make sure to provide water as well as other non-alcoholic beverages, regardless of your choice. Don’t forget to check ahead of time to be sure you’ll have access to an electrical outlet or enough extension cables for all of your drinks coolers, mixers, and blenders before the big event.

Select Plastic, Durable Drinkware


It is extremely tough to pick up shattered glass while it is outdoors (those shards are hard to find in the grass). If you want to be safe, make sure you have plenty of disposable and reusable acrylic drinkware on hand. For those who will be providing meals, the same recommendation applies.

Let Your Party Light Shine

Lighting should be included if your party will last into the night. String lights are charming and inviting, while lanterns plus torch lights are also excellent options.

Be Certain There Are Plenty Of Trash Cans Conspicuously Placed

Put out rubbish bins in a prominent location so visitors will be able to easily locate them. Recycled materials should be labeled with a symbol that is clear and simple to comprehend. Click here to double check the recyclables list to verify what should be placed out for recycling.

For Additional Bar Space

Store any of the bar equipment that is taking up precious counter space. You may keep them in an unused closet or pantry, as well as in cabinets and other storage spaces.

Place throw cushions, spare outdoor furniture pillows, and whatever else you won’t be using during the party in the garage or basement. The absence of unnecessary items will make the space seem larger.

Take the celebration fully outside if you have nice weather and enough outside space, even if it’s just for a short while. Make use of all your outside areas by inviting others to enjoy refreshments and socialize with you. You may even arrange your porch to reflect the concept of the inside and welcome people to bring his or her own fold-up chairs to sit on while they relax.

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